Colorado RTL

Reproductive Health Equity Act

Dear friends, Once again, those who hate God and love death are proposing new legislation which will codify the “right to abortion” into Colorado law. The title and summary reek of evil and absurdity. The language of the bill is equally terrible. Title: Reproductive Health Equity Act   This bill, HB22-1279, is scheduled to be […]

Caucuses begin March 1, 2022

Caucuses begin on Tuesday, March 1 for most!!! If you are registered to vote in Colorado, please plan on attending your local caucus which may be found here: Colorado RTL is asking all of you to present this very simple Resolution: WHEREAS, the intentional killing of an unborn child is murder, in violation of […]

Human Rights Billboard

Dear Friends, This powerful billboard message is currently displayed 2 blocks from the massive Planned Parenthood complex in Denver where our tiny brothers and sisters are being violently murdered. The CRTL billboard was scheduled to come down this month but because the bloodshed continues, unabated, and because the wicked Left continue to draft evil legislation, by faith, we have contracted for an […]

2020 Year End Letter & Save the Date: January 2021 March For Abolition

End-of-year greetings, dear friends! Get ready for a rocky ride as you begin your journey through this letter! You shall travel along a few bleak paths but rest assured! Just like the children’s game, Candyland, you will find treasure at the end! Walk with me now, won’t you?   Have you felt the darkness and […]