Caucuses begin March 1, 2022

Caucuses begin on Tuesday, March 1 for most!!!

If you are registered to vote in Colorado, please plan on attending your local caucus which may be found here:

Colorado RTL is asking all of you to present this very simple Resolution:

WHEREAS, the intentional killing of an unborn child is murder, in violation of the God-given right to life,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Colorado GOP fight to restore Equal Protection Under Law to every member of our human family and seek to abolish human abortion.</b>

This is incredibly easy to do and so very important. You simply attend your local caucus meeting and while in your individual precinct group, wait for the call for Resolutions to come up. Many people will present a variety of Resolutions. During that time you may present this life-affirming Resolution.

Donate to Colorado Right to Life and Help Abolish Abortion

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