On the Leaked Supreme Court Opinion

A recently leaked draft opinion indicates the the Supreme Court may be preparing to overturn its 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Regardless of what action the court officially takes in the coming weeks, we’ve known for almost 50 years that there is not a right to privacy in the constitution, which means Roe v. Wade was an incorrect decision. But whether or not there is a right to privacy in the constitution does not give anyone the right to kill their posterity.

When a Supreme Court opinion is wrong, such as Roe v. Wade or the Dred Scott decision, that means states should defy those decisions. Shame on all 50 states for not defying Roe these last 49 years.

Roe being overturned is historic, but this is a human rights issue which means it cannot be a states’ rights issue. No state has the right to deprive anyone of life, including the unborn, without due process of law.

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