Human Rights Billboard

Dear Friends,

This powerful billboard message is currently displayed 2 blocks from the massive Planned Parenthood complex in Denver where our tiny brothers and sisters are being violently murdered.

The CRTL billboard was scheduled to come down this month but because the bloodshed continues, unabated, and because the wicked Left continue to draft evil legislation, by faith, we have contracted for an additional 2 months, through May 22.

Faithful Friends, once again, this is a costly endeavor for us personally, for you and for CRTL and we are beholden to you for your great faithfulness toward God and His little ones!

Our cost is approximately $14,000 for 8 weeks. Will you please help us? 

We are committed to keeping this billboard message visible for those who might be considering abortion and to awaken the masses who are largely apathetic. We appreciate every donation! Will you sacrifice part of your tax refund toward this effort? Those of you who are able, please give generously. And for everyone- please pray for this project and for God’s blessing upon it as thousands of cars per day will drive by this billboard and be faced with the message: Human Rights For All! 

With grateful heart,

Susan Sutherland

Director, CRTL