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United Way Funds CO Planned Parenthood

GLENDWOOD SPRING, April 2011 — Live Action, the youth-led, pro-life activist movement for human rights, has discovered that the United Way is funding Planned Parenthood in Glenwood Srings, Colorado. Garfield County has a federally-qualified medical facility, Mountain Family Health Center, which does not do abortions and it does provide more actual health services than does […]

Focus on the Strategy 3

When Barack Obama held his convention in our backyard, Colorado RTL provided much of the manpower to create, transport, and unfurl the world’s largest protest sign to rebuke the Democrats for killing unborn children. The introduction of this important video shows that 666-foot wide sign. And then, after learning the lessons from the groundbreaking Focus […]

Pro-Lifers Steal Capitol Steps from Planned Parenthood: AGAIN!

Pro-Lifers Steal Capitol Steps from Planned Parenthood: AGAIN!

2009 Update: We did it again! Because Planned Parenthood kills children, it’s not surprising when they lie on government documents claiming they’re building a United Airlines training facility when they’re actually building an abortion clinic, nor is it surprising that they would try to steal back from CRTL the capitol steps after last year. Colorado bureacrats […]

Please, Gazette, Don’t Take Our Side

Dear Editor: Please Gazette, don’t take our side. Retract your endorsement of the Personhood initiative (Gazette, The Case for Amendment 48, Oct. 29, 2008) which we are working so hard to pass. Colorado Right To Life rebukes the Gazette for its utter lack of humility before our Creator God. In your endorsement you acknowledge that […]

Comprehensive Listing of Events at

DENVER, Dec. 30 — Finally there’s a complete listing online for the March for Life gatherings for hundreds of cities around America. American Right To Life hosts this handy resource at Because of the way search engines rank web pages, often times searching for the current March in a particular city displays results for […]


UPDATE: A62 is the Only Pro-Life Issue on the Ballot Nationwide! CONGRATULATIONS to the more than 1,400 petition circulators and to the co-sponsors, CRTL’s very own Leslie Hanks and Gualberto Garcia-Jones of Personhood Colorado! The Colorado Secretary of State has certified that Personhood Amendment 62, Definition of Person, will appear on the statewide ballot in […]

Blue Book Alternative for 2010 Election

Thank you to the Blue Book Alternative! Blatant false information in Colorado’s official, though biased, 2010 Blue Book voter guide includes this outright lie from Planned Parenthood and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) that, “Amendment 62 may also limit… treatment for miscarriages,” which is false because in a miscarriage, tragically, the baby has already died. […]