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Former Republican Chairman lauds CRTL

Colorado┬áRTL received this letter from Steve Curtis, former Republican Chairman in Colorado, and Jim Anderson who run The Foundation for Life in Media: Dear Brian and the CRLC Board, On behalf of the entire board of The Foundation for Life in Media, Jim and I want to thank you for your courageous stance against those […]

We Win

Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful and inspiring music video called We Win created by a Colorado Right to Life member. [video:]

Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks For Joining Us!

Dr. Keyes on KHOW [mp3]/files/audio/keyes.KHOW.mp3[/mp3] Alan Keyes with Kevin Swanson [mp3]/files/audio/keyes.on_kevin_swanson.mp3[/mp3] Join Colorado Right to Life and Featured Speaker Dr. Alan Keyes on Wednesday, April 25 at 1:30 at the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the State Capitol to commemorate the millions lost to abortion since America's first law passed in Colorado 4-25-67.

Colorado Abortion Ban

News Clip [video:] Audio Testimony CRTL Officers Brian Rohrbough – CRTL President [mp3]/files/audio/senate.brian_rohrbough.mp3[/mp3] Lolita Hanks – CRTL Secretary [mp3]/files/audio/senate.lolita_hanks.mp3[/mp3] Joe Riccobono – CRTL Legislative Chairman [mp3]/files/audio/senate.joe_riccobono.mp3[/mp3] Other Testimonies Joyce Zounis – Operation Outcry [mp3]/files/audio/senate.joyce_zounis.mp3[/mp3] Chelsea Warren – Quadriplegic Student [mp3]/files/audio/senate.chelsea_warren.mp3[/mp3] Jo Scott – Sidewalk Councelor [mp3]/files/audio/senate.jo_scott.mp3[/mp3] Ken Scott – Sidewalk Councelor [mp3]/files/audio/senate.ken_scott.mp3[/mp3] Pamela Montegomery – […]

Colorado RTL Newsletter Jan-Mar 2007

Message from the President The Battle Cry I was recently flying with my daughter Rachael. We were on our way to Alabama where we would be speaking at several pro-life events. While traveling I thought about a radio show that I co-hosted eighteen months ago. The regular host was out of town and he asked […]