Comprehensive Listing of Events at

DENVER, Dec. 30 — Finally there’s a complete listing online for the March for Life gatherings for hundreds of cities around America.

American Right To Life hosts this handy resource at Because of the way search engines rank web pages, often times searching for the current March in a particular city displays results for past and national events. not only makes it easier for pro-lifers to find their local event, it might also alert thousands on the fringe of the movement who might not otherwise know about, for example, an organized bus trip from their town to the big March on January 24th in Washington D.C.
American RTL fights toward a soon victory in the battle against child killing. But if not, ARTL expects to update this site annually to encourage folks to attend the national and local marches toward galvanizing their commitment to protect every child by love and by law.

“ will help our efforts to end decriminalized child killing in America,” said Lolita Hanks, nurse practitioner and acting president of American RTL. “As the Personhood movement sweeps across America, people everywhere are being taught about the God-given right to life and everywhere there is a March for Life, there will be a time of refreshing and encouragement for those in this epic struggle.”

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