Month: April 2007

PBA Gonzales v. Carhart Analysis

By Pastor Bob EnyartDenver Bible Church(for Colorado Right to Life) Shirley Dobson, on the day of the ruling, agreed with talk show host Hugh Hewitt that the Supreme Court upholding the partial-birth abortion ban, “is an answer to prayer.” The tragedy, which she was unaware of, but which Hewitt as a lawyer should have known, […]

Republican Candidate Bob Schaffer in the Twilight Zone

Here is the Twilight Zone interview with ‘pro-life’ Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer regarding Colorado RTL’s accusation of his disregard for Chinese women forced to abort their children, and read the excellent Rocky Mtn News report on the Schaffer scandal, and ask yourself, would anti-slavery statesman William Wilberforce ever have behaved in this way… April […]

We Win

Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful and inspiring music video called We Win created by a Colorado Right to Life member. [video:]

Take Action

How Can I Help Protect Every Child By Love and By Law? Social Media: *Like* CRTL’s Facebook page; *Share* posts there; Tweet quotes that you find here at Volunteer with CRTL:  Use our Contact page or email us at to let us know that you’d like to help us educate the community on the […]



                                  Support Colorado Right To Life! Donations to our General Fund are unrestricted and not deductable, meaning we can use them to fight for life in both political and non-political ways. Please consider making an ongoing commitment by subscribing to […]

Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks For Joining Us!

Dr. Keyes on KHOW [mp3]/files/audio/keyes.KHOW.mp3[/mp3] Alan Keyes with Kevin Swanson [mp3]/files/audio/keyes.on_kevin_swanson.mp3[/mp3] Join Colorado Right to Life and Featured Speaker Dr. Alan Keyes on Wednesday, April 25 at 1:30 at the Old Supreme Court Chambers at the State Capitol to commemorate the millions lost to abortion since America's first law passed in Colorado 4-25-67.

Colorado Abortion Ban

News Clip [video:] Audio Testimony CRTL Officers Brian Rohrbough – CRTL President [mp3]/files/audio/senate.brian_rohrbough.mp3[/mp3] Lolita Hanks – CRTL Secretary [mp3]/files/audio/senate.lolita_hanks.mp3[/mp3] Joe Riccobono – CRTL Legislative Chairman [mp3]/files/audio/senate.joe_riccobono.mp3[/mp3] Other Testimonies Joyce Zounis – Operation Outcry [mp3]/files/audio/senate.joyce_zounis.mp3[/mp3] Chelsea Warren – Quadriplegic Student [mp3]/files/audio/senate.chelsea_warren.mp3[/mp3] Jo Scott – Sidewalk Councelor [mp3]/files/audio/senate.jo_scott.mp3[/mp3] Ken Scott – Sidewalk Councelor [mp3]/files/audio/senate.ken_scott.mp3[/mp3] Pamela Montegomery – […]