Here’s How You Can Help Protect Every Child By Love and By Law

Social Media: *Like* CRTL’s Facebook page; *Share* posts there; Tweet quotes that you find here at

Volunteer with CRTL:  Use our Contact page or email us at to let us know that you’d like to help us educate the community on the Personhood of every child.

Influence the Pastor: Talk to your pastor about how your church can get more involved in the effort to protect every child by love and by law. Does your church have a liason to the Right To Life community? Can you perhaps be that person? Can you set up a meeting or a presentation in a Sunday school, or to the elders, or to some other group in your church? We’re happy to work with you!

Donate:  Funds are needed to fight this battle! In Colorado, the “Yes” vote on Personhood has incrased from 27% to 29% to 35%! We need to press on toward victory and that takes money! So please consider a sacrificial donation for this amazing cause.

Share.  Share. Share:  Talk to people! Share the truth of the God-given right to life of every child with the people around you, with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and anyone who will listen.  Encourage them to support, vote and get involved.

Make Sure You’re Registered to VOTE:  Register to vote online and do so today.

Be Visible: Wear a pro-life t-shirt, display a pro-life bumper sticker, wear a baby feet lapel pin, or whatever you can think of to be visible.

Be Active: Tragically, the Denver metro yellow pages has listings for “Abortions.” The other side gets paid a lot of money to kill children. We must be motivated out of love. Love for God and love for our neighbor (even the littlest ones). Find your local abortion clinic and counsel or pray on the public sidewalk or go to a Crisis Pregnancy Center and give of your time. In metro Denver, our CRTL officers go to the Planned Parenthood abortion mill often. Please call us at 303-753-9394 to join us some time!

Be Informed: Don’t follow a pastor, politician, or organization until you find out where these people stand on life and death issues. Be prepared to have to educate them! Make sure they know that children are endowed with the right to life by their Creator from the first moment of their creation, their biological beginning!

Be Committed: Abortion for rape, incest, and health started in 1967 right here in Colorado. What started here ends here. (CRTL’s Talking Points flier provides substantive answers to these lies used to start the child killing epidemic.) But don’t be surprised if abortion doesn’t end in your first month of activity. Everyone who believes the Bible knows that God guarantees victory over those who kill the innocent and that the claim on life that these children have will be vindicated. However here and now, we don’t now have the ultimate victory yet there are small victories every day. There are babies being saved right at the gates of the abortion clinic, there are mothers finding hope in Christ, and daily there are advocates of abortion (like even Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade) rejecting the lie and seeking to end the slaughter of children. So please take heart and stay committed.

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