Former Republican Chairman lauds CRTL

Colorado RTL received this letter from Steve Curtis, former Republican Chairman in Colorado, and Jim Anderson who run The Foundation for Life in Media:

Dear Brian and the CRLC Board,

On behalf of the entire board of The Foundation for Life in Media, Jim and I want to thank you for your courageous stance against those who aggressively mislead well meaning pro-life people everywhere. Your recent actions are a tremendous encouragement to us.

Several years ago we left the board of CRLC, in part due to the affiliation with National Right to Life and, because we were continually discouraged by the lack of meaningful work being done by major segments of the pro-life movement.

Your behavior over the past 8 months makes us proud to have friends like you. Keep it up.

Our common work on behalf of the unborn is far too important to submit to a cottage-industry of self-congratulating people who've reduced the very existence of human life to a second-tier political issue.

We believe that our work is a ministry, ordained by Him that made us, and we sense the same level of dedication in your recent work–exposing those that purposefully lie and deceive God's people everywhere.

Once again, thank you for having the courage to stand.

-Steve Curtis and Jim Anderson