Month: May 2008

131,245 Personhood Signatures!

Historic Date May 13, 2008 DENVER, Colorado – Kristi Burton of Colorado for Equal Rights, along with a hundred of their 1,100 volunteers, delivered dozens of boxes containing 131,245 personhood signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State! That's 55,000 more than required by law to get the Personhood amendment on the November ballot! "This is […]

Colorado Personhood Petition

The Colorado Supreme Court approved the ballot initiative that if passed, will create a constitutional amendment to define personhood as beginning at fertilization. Denver's NBC affiliate showed many of our members signing the first petition, including Brian Rohrbough, Ken Scott, CRTL co-founder John Archibold, and our vice president Leslie Hanks. Also seen at the announcement […]

See a CRTL spokesman interviewed

See a CRTL spokesman interviewed about Republican presidential politics during a Super Bowl party protest at the home of a Weitz construction firm executive. The Weitz Corporation constructs billions of dollars worth of building projects nationwide and after extensive early warnings, they refused to pull out of the building of Colorado’s largest abortion mill. The […]

Our Gazette Letter on Regulating Abortion

┬áColorado RTL's letter to the editor in the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper (Focus on the Family's hometown paper):SAVE THE CHILDRENRegulating abortions doesn't end the practice I never said that a bill requiring Colorado abortionists to offer an ultrasound to women, "would have done nothing to stop women from getting abortions" ("Abortion sides agree," The Gazette, […]