Weitz Watch: Will Firm Get Hit with Permanent Collaborator Status?

For Immediate Release (January 21, 2008):

Colorado RTL Watching Weitz Designation
Billion-dollar Firm May Get Hit with Permanent Collaborator Status

Colorado Right To Life is watching to see if the Weitz construction firm will be designated with Permanent Collaborator Status. A new anti-abortion group, called the Collaborators Project, has given The Weitz Company, a billion-dollar construction firm, a deadline of January 31, 2008, to stop constructing a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Denver. “If Weitz does not cease from constructing this abortion facility by January 31st,” said the Collaborators Project founder Will Duffy, “we will designate their firm with Permanent Collaborator Status.” According to the organization, such status means that pro-lifers will expand the typical targets of protests, from abortion mills and abortionist homes, to include residential picketing of executives and business sites of any organization designated with Permanent Collaborator Status.

“Colorado RTL, the nation’s oldest right-to-life organization, and the largest anti-abortion group in Colorado, will commit itself to honor Permanent Collaborator Status,” said Joe Riccobono, the group’s president. “This means that for as many years as Planned Parenthood is killing children in the building prepared by Weitz, we will plan protests, and encourage our members statewide to include Weitz executives’ homes and select construction and sales sites as part of the decades’ long, routine protest of abortion.”

Colorado RTL justifies its proposed Weitz project to help the group implement the second of a new, nationally recognized three-prong strategy to end abortion.

1. Criminalize: recriminalize the intentional killing of the unborn and other innocents through state and national personhood efforts.

2. Demoralize: create unbearable social tension to coerce the government to correct the injustice of shedding innocent blood.

3. Evangelize: persuade individuals by education and evangelism to honor the God-given right to life.

Colorado Right To Life will start promoting its own Weitz protest to its working list of 22,600 Colorado pro-lifers on February 1, 2008 if the Collaborators Project designates the Des Moines Iowa-based Weitz with Permanent Collaborator Status.

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