My Right To Life Education

If we train together, we can win together, with God’s help! The battle for the unborn child is a battle for the mind. Please join Colorado Right To Life as we partner with American RTL to educate those who seek to end the decriminalized killing of the innocent. ARTL’s website will keep track of your […]

Focus on the Strategy 3

When Barack Obama held his convention in our backyard, Colorado RTL provided much of the manpower to create, transport, and unfurl the world’s largest protest sign to rebuke the Democrats for killing unborn children. The introduction of this important video shows that 666-foot wide sign. And then, after learning the lessons from the groundbreaking Focus […]

Amendment 62 Election Results Analysis

Amendment 62 Election Results Analysis

Conventional Wisdom Busted as 30% Oppose ALL Abortion: Conventional wisdom claimed that only 15% of voters in America will support a 100% abortion ban (which Personhood requires, even in saving the mother’s life when the need is not to “terminate” but to deliver the baby). CRTL is proving that all the Gallup polls and claims […]

Weekly Lit Drops till the Election!

Come on out and join a weekly literature drop! Or arrange a weekly lit drop in your own town and we’ll add you to this list. At each event we have a great time passing out the A62 literature in a neighborhood. So let’s meet at… Arvada: Sat. 7:30am / Wed. 5:15pm McDonald’s, Kipling & […]

Beginning of Biological Development

Amendment 62 Co-Sponsors Refute Colorado’s Legislative Council’s False Claimre: Beginning of Biological Development [The Colorado state government has mailed its biased “Blue Book” to millions of voters, analyzing the 2010 ballot including Amendment 62. Colorado RTL with our Amendment 62 co-sponsor is suing requesting the state mail an addendum to each voter, but in the […]

Pro-Choice Repub. Tambor Williams Against PBA ‘Ban’

Partial-birth abortion bill ‘flawed’ By: State Rep. Tambor Williams (R) (Op. Ed. Greeley Tribune 10/5/97) As a Colorado Legislator, I’ve received hundreds of phone calls, letters and comments in passing on numerous subjects. Most comments directed toward me have been very favorable and even the negative comments have been done so politely. The exception is […]

Personhood Wins Big in Colo Primaries

Ed Hanks’ Analysis of Colo GOP Primary [Update on Tambor Williams: See the CRTL Report, Tambor Williams is Not Pro-life, on Dan Maes’ tragic choice for Lt. Governor.] Full article is at Ed’s pro-personhood blog Excerpts: [Update on Ken Buck: Buck has already broken all his pro-life campaign promises. As the Republican candidate for […]

Dan Maes’ LG Tambor Williams is Not Pro-life

Colorado RTL Reports: Tambor Williams is not pro-life and the 2010 Republican candidate for Governor Dan Maes is misrepresenting his choice for Lt. Governor. See below CRTL’s Election Night Warning, CRTL’s Apology to our Constituency, and first, Tambor Williams record summarized in five bullets. On Tambor Williams * Opposes Personhood Amendment 62: Williams refused to […]