The Colorado 2012 Right To Life Amendment

Nov. 6,   2012 Update: Amendments don’t lie. While politicians from all political parties often compromise and misrepresent themselves even on life and death matters, amendments, written on paper, don’t reconsider; they don’t change their mind; and they don’t don’t lie. The Colorado Personhood Coalition has filed suit as explained in the following press release in an effort to gain ballot access in 2014 using the signatures we’ve collected in 2012. Please pray for this effort and that God will help us raise up leaders who have the courage to support personhood. Stealth pro-life candidates, like soldiers scared to death to show their face in a fight, are less an asset that a cowardly drain of resources. So please, as Jesus Christ condemned cowardice and praised courage, pray for boldness for yourself and all those who would protect the innocent!

Colorado Personhood Coalition Files Suit


Sept. 27 , 2012: The Colorado Personhood Coalition has filed suit in Denver today, after an unjust dismissal by the Secretary of State’s office.

An unsuccessful lawsuit from Planned Parenthood shortened the petitioning time by about 60 days, giving the Colorado Personhood Coalition fewer petitioning days than any other Colorado ballot initiative. In spite of this, the Personhood Coalition collected over 112,000 signatures, about 30,000 more than signatures collected in 2010.

Other initiatives were also granted a 15 day curing period to make up lost or invalidated signatures, which the Colorado Personhood Coalition was denied. After turning in far more than the number of signatures required for ballot placement, the Secretary of State’s office determined that the amendment could not appear on the ballot, discounting over 6,800 registered voters’ signatures.

‘The Secretary of State’s actions unconstitutionally deprived us of our fundamental right under the State and Federal Constitutions to the initiative process which is core political speech,” explained Gualberto Garcia Jones, J.D., legal analyst for Personhood USA. “After being denied the same time frame that every other initiative received, and denied the opportunity to appear on the ballot, we have filed a writ of mandamus to ensure that our rights are recognized and the hard work of our volunteers is not dismissed.”

The Colorado Personhood Coalition’s language is different than any other in the nation, addressing a myriad of issues in detail that have never before been explored, including birth control, IVF, miscarriage, and rape.

The full language is just below:

“Our nearly 1,500 volunteers worked incredibly hard,” commented Susan Sutherland, Director of the Colorado Personhood Coalition. “Despite the odds, we did the work and got the signatures. We deserve to be on the ballot, and we will not quit until every signature is counted and ultimately, every innocent human life is protected in Colorado.”

Aug. 6, 2012 Update: 112,000 Personhood SIGNATURES Turned In! The Colorado Personhood Coalition turned in 26,000 signatures more than the 86,000 required to make the ballot! Now, the Secretary of State’s office is charged with determining the number of valid signatures out of the 112,000 total. So please pray for those doing that work, for Colorado RTL, for our coalition partners, and for the campaign team! And please DONATE to CRTL now! We need your help to ramp up our efforts to soften-up the opposition and to educate the public! In Christ, CRTL President, Biff Gore

Denver, CO — Capitol Press Conference Launches Round Three! A personhood coalition in November 2011 announced the wording of Colorado’s 2012 Right To Life amendment launching Round Three, Colorado’s third attempt to protect every unborn child by love and by law. The personhood coalition of Colorado Right To Life, Personhood Colorado, and Personhood USA submitted the following language to the Secretary of State:

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado Article II of the Constitution of the State of Colorado is amended by the addition of a new section to read:

Section 32. The right to life.

(1) Purpose. In order to affirm basic human dignity, be it resolved that the right to life in this constitution applies equally to all innocent persons.
(2) Effect. The intentional killing of any innocent person is prohibited.
   (a) Only birth control that kills a person shall be affected by this section.
   (b) Only in vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction that kills a person shall be affected by this section.
   (c) Medical treatment for life threatening physical conditions intended to preserve life shall not be affected by this section.
   (d) Spontaneous miscarriages shall not be affected by this section.
   (e) No innocent child created through rape or incest shall be killed for the crime of his or her father.

(3) Definitions. As used in this section,
   (a) “Person” applies to every human being regardless of the method of creation.
   (b) A “human being” is a member of the species homo sapiens at any stage of development.
   (c) “Spontaneous miscarriage” is the unintentional termination of a pregnancy.
   (d) “Child” includes a human being prior to and during birth.
  (e) “Medical treatment for life threatening physical conditions intended to preserve life” includes but is not limited to treatment for cancer, ectopic and molar pregnancy, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and placenta previa.

(4) Self-executing, and severability provision. All provisions of this section are self- executing and are severable.

Dear friend of the innocent, CRTL needs $60,000 now! We have committed to our coalition partners that we will gather 60,000 signatures. This is half of the estimated 120,000 we’ll need to assure ballot access in 2012 with 87,000 validated signatures. Of course administering such a statewide operation costs money, and the petition process itself is a tremendous educational operation that reaches hundreds of thousands of people with a plea for the life of the innocent. So, to save a baby, to save a voter, and to save our state, please give toward our crucial $60,000 goal right now!

Please donate now to help CRTL launch Round Three!

State Title Board: See the ballot explanation as set by the state title board.

Planned Parenthood Title Board Challenge
: See the motion for rehearing filed by the Planned Parenthood abortion chain.  

Archived Updated:

August 2, 2012 Update: We might only need another 1,000 signatures to make the ballot! PLEASE if you have a petition, make plans immediately to get it notarized and turned in this weekend.  Call 303-456-2800 with questions. Colorado Personhood Coalition Signatures Needed This Weekend! Yesterday, CPC volunteers worked outside every Chick-Fil A in the state with a very high percentage of their customers eager to protect the life of unborn children. Thousands of signatures were obtained in just that one day! Praise God! If you haven’t yet signed, call to find out where to sign. Hand deliver your petition to 8795 Ralston Road, Suite 1, Arvada, Colorado, 80002.

And please, make a donation! This fight is expensive, and NOT ONE of our officers, board members, or spokespeople get paid. This is a labor of love for the Lord and for the innocent!

March 2012 Update: Now that we beat the ACLU and Planned Parenthood at Colorado’s Supreme Court, we’re collecting signatures! Please get a petition and if you can get a few dozen signatures you’ll help us get on the 2012 ballot! Just call us at 303-753-9394 or email us and ask for a blank petition. You’ll be blessed! Thanks!


For more information, please contact:

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