Before Personhood, CRTL Withheld the Truth about John Roberts

Headline from the 2005 Press Release Suppressed by CRTL:
Colorado Right To Life Calls on Pro-Life Leaders to Drop Support for Roberts’ Nomination

[2012 Update: The release below was published in 2005 by current CRTL leaders but sadly, through other outlets. At the time it was written, CRTL vetoed this press release. Fast-forward seven years. Now with Chief Justice John Roberts casting the deciding vote to uphold Obamacare, this suppressed press release takes on greater historical and predictive significance. Prior to the personhood camp taking over control of Colorado RTL, the organization would not publically oppose National RTL’s support for pro-abortion, anti-family judges, laws, and politicians. Pre-personhood, like in 2005, CRTL would veto vitally important public statements like this. Not any longer…]

The Vetoed Press Release, from Before the Personhood Takeover: stated…

Denver, July 20, 2005 — Colorado Right To Life asks, “Will the real John G. Roberts please stand up?” Does Supreme Court nominee Roberts believe that abortion is the unjust taking of innocent life, and that the government must protect unborn children? The answer to these questions is demonstrably: no. In the past, Roberts has argued against Roe v. Wade and defended pro-life activists. However, in his 2003 D.C. Circuit confirmation hearing, Roberts said: “Roe v. Wade is the settled law of the land. … There’s nothing in my personal views that would prevent me from fully and faithfully applying that precedent.”

Pro-life leaders support Roberts because we have all compromised on Do Not Murder so often and for so long, we no longer can discern right from wrong. The pro-life community teaches that America’s fifty million aborted children compare dreadfully to the German holocaust against the Jews. And if we pro-lifers are correct that abortion is murder, then in his confirmation, Roberts’ declaration was the equivalent of a German judge who would have said, “There is nothing in my personal views that would prevent me from carrying out the extermination of Jews.” And such a horror has now become the hope of Christian pro-life leaders. America has fallen so far that our national pro-family organizations will fight to confirm a man who so recently defended genocidal philosophy.

Legal positivism, the elevation of man’s law and precedence above God’s law, is what legalized abortion in the first place. And the pro-life support of Roberts convinces him that he rightly ignores the decree that “We must obey God rather than men,” and so he supported the killing of unborn children simply to follow precedent. If Roberts does not know that abortion is murder, and that the government has a duty to protect unborn children, he disqualifies himself. Roberts is a legal positivist who declared his commitment to “faithfully” support the killing of children if our system requires him to do so.  Now after a quarter-century of our pro-life presidents nominating pro-choice judges, the cycle continues, and in the coming years as Roberts joins in the erosion of family values [Update: as he did by casting the deciding vote to uphold Obamacare], our Christian leaders will forget their part in his confirmation, and urgently lobby to confirm yet another legal positivist.

George W. Bush has repeatedly pledged that he would not consider the question of abortion when nominating judges, and has stated during his presidential debates that he has no goal to outlaw abortion. In this nomination, President Bush has upheld these campaign promises. Our pro-life leaders should remember that after World War II, American judges at Nuremberg convicted German lawyers and judges, sentencing to death and prison some of those who claimed that they were only following the law. For these and other reasons, Colorado RTL is calling on pro-life leaders to reverse themselves and oppose the nomination of legal positivist John Roberts.

2012 Update: Just as National RTL supported Arlen Specter who predictably was the deciding U.S. Senator who switched parties to pass Obamacare, likewise, National Right To Life supported Justice John Roberts who predictably cast the deciding vote to uphold Obamacare. Many pro-lifers prefer maintaining the illusion that they are electing pro-lifers over the reality of knowing the truth. Those pro-lifers can stop reading here. For the rest of us, please see the vitally important Pro-life Profile of National Right To Life, of John Roberts, and of Mitt Romney.


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