© Copyright Tony Funderburk


You should thank your Mom
cause she thought of you as a person.
From the very start
she was calling you her daughter or her son.

And though life isn’t easy;
our Moms still believed we would make it.

Now some call life a choice,
but it’s still a precious life.
We can’t take it. We can’t forsake it!

Give an unborn baby personhood
There’s nothing more important we can do!
Give an unborn baby personhood.
50 Million persons beg us to… they beg us to!

We can read all the judgements,
and continue to build our big plans.
But there are lives in the balance,
and the choice is right in our hands.

So do we sit idle? Or is there a way we can stand tall?
Can’t we stand for life?
Or do we really stand for nothing at all?
And let the innocent fall?

~ Chorus ~ If human life is just sown by chance,
then Nothing we know could be bad or be good.
If we’re just embryonic particulate matter,
Then we could know there is no personhood…

But we hope and we pray,
And we dream for the day
When our love becomes broad
In the Image of God.