NARAL Promotes More Sex Education For Colorado Public Schools

The Denver Daily News reports that NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado is recommending that Colorado Public Schools should consider teaching age-appropriate comprehensive sex education earlier on in the educational process while also evaluating school policy on the testing of sexually transmitted diseases on a school’s campus.

Meanwhile, one pro-life activist says schools teaching comprehensive sex education is similar to teaching people how to safely use heroin — it’s kind of ridiculous and not very effective.

Family nurse practitioner and Colorado Right to Life Board Member Lolita Hanks says comprehensive sex education shouldn’t be taught in the “morally neutral vacuum” of public schools. Her personal experiences have led to believe that sex education should be taught at home.

I went to public school and I was taught comprehensive sex education and I learned their lesson well; I was pregnant at 15, had an abortion at 15, had a kid at 16 and another one at 19,” she said.

Hanks went on to express doubts about some of the health benefits of contraception. She said that women with a family history of blood clots could exponentially increase their chances of getting blood clots all over their body by taking estrogen pills like birth control. That’s pretty disturbing,” she said.