40 Years, 50 Million Dead, One Commitment

On the Rule of Law regarding the intentional killing of innocent people, including by abortion, suicide, and euthanasia, I commit myself to upholding without exception God’s enduring command, “Thou Shall Not Murder.”

My commitment to God’s prohibition of murder means that:

  • I will never approve of any judicial ruling which in any way violates Do Not Murder.
  • I will withhold backing from any judge who issues or defends rulings that violate Do Not Murder.
  • I will oppose any law which violates Do Not Murder by allowing the intentional killing of any innocent.
  • I will never support any law that regulates the killing of the innocent.
  • I will never support any law that effectively ends, “and then you can kill the innocent.”
  • I will agree that, “Do not kill the innocent” (Exodus 23:7) applies even to the baby fathered by a criminal.
  • I will recognize that it is morally acceptable to let an irreversibly dying person die.
  • I will teach others that it is wrong to starve people to death, including the elderly, infirm, disabled, and infants.
  • I will never support any attempt to “do evil that good may come of it” (Romans 3:8).
  • I will oppose any man-made process where it requires compromise on “You shall not murder” (Rom. 13:9).
  • I will oppose any philosophy that elevates man’s law above God’s enduring command, “Thou Shall Not Murder.”
  • I will never allow political goals to move me to compromise on Do Not Murder.
  • I will never in any way legitimize the intentional killing of innocent people, from fertilization to natural death.
  • I will recognize that any pro-life effort that compromises on Do Not Murder is a false hope and a dead end.
  • I will teach others that whenever these two authorities conflict, “we must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

Background: Forty years and fifty-million victims since Colorado became the first state to legalize the killing of the innocent, this 40/50/1 Commitment comes from Colorado Right to Life, in an effort to correct our own failure. Our state has failed America. And our pro-life community has failed God, because for political reasons we have so often compromised on Thou Shall Not Murder that today we have difficulty discerning right from wrong. Many in America’s pro-life community have become legal positivists, defending our officials, laws, and rulings that intentionally kill the innocent, as long as they comply with our legal process. Sixty years ago at Nuremberg, America prosecuted German judges who had personally opposed the holocaust, but nevertheless upheld and complied with laws to intentionally kill the innocent; today, our Christian pro-life community holds up such officials as the hope and heroes of the pro-life movement, demonstrating our own slide into moral relativism. We have lost the moral high ground, and now watch the suicide, euthanasia and even child euthanasia movements gain ground. We must never again become accessories in the regulation of killing the innocent in the false hope that we thereby move toward victory. When those who fear God will compromise on murder for political gain, the world becomes increasingly dangerous for children and the vulnerable.

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