For the First Monday Donald Trump Woke Up in the White House

See the full-page Washington Times ad run by Colorado Right To Life to urge the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the new Trump administration, to learn what is right and to do what is right, by the most innocent among us.

President Trump…

Click to see the Trump ad in the context of the full edition of the Times or for just the ad, click on this tear sheet header:

The header of CRTL's full-page Wash Times ad to Donald Trump

Sample Reactions Pro and Con…

Con: “The absurdity of attacking allies for life because he/she/they are not ‘perfectly’ in lock step with your approach– is as helpful as participating in a circular firing squad… Go ahead vindictively target a president who is trying –albeit imperfectly – to help our cause… but you’ll need to accomplish your incredibly ignorant activity with someone else’s money, not mine.” -Holly Coco [ellipsis hers]

CRTL Reply: Holly, thank you for writing. Would you consider reading the ad again? You will see that we did not attack President Trump. We told him the truth and respectfully urged him to do what is right. Donald Trump probably sleeps well each night, being affirmed by so many who profess Christ. Yet he needs to know that God will hold him accountable for each child he intentionally kills. Those who hide that from him, do they love him or are they using him? Hopefully, if he ever comes to understand this, he will open his heart to the Lord and to the little ones. The Apostle Paul asked: Have I become your enemy because I’ve told you the truth? Consider, Holly, the person unwilling to even warn a child killer yet who rebukes those who do warn him.

Con: Miranda Blue at Right Wing Watch displayed the three ISIS memes in our Washington Times ad and somehow concluded about us, “Personhood Group Compares Rival Anti-Choice Activists To ISIS”. Stupid doesn’t make you sin but sin makes you stupid. Miranda is either willfully ignorant or lying. Our memes compare regulating the killing of the innocent to the absurdity of trying to regulate ISIS. Yet somehow Blue and her RWW editors think that we are “comparing incrementalist anti-choice groups to ISIS.” We have two questions. First, does Miranda Blue smoke pot? And secondly, would someone who advocates dismembering children hesitate to lie?

Pro: From one of the founders of National Right To Life who wrote the following when he forwarded our Washington Times piece to his friends: “This is a great and powerful ad. I am glad to support it with my donation. I hope you will as well.” -John E. Archibold

Pro: “I was so encouraged to see the truth presented unashamedly in this article! I’ve been struggling with how to present the Christian teaching on abortion After reading your piece, I now have a greater understanding of how to communicate what God has said and I can stand firm on that truth. Thank you so much!” -Chloe from back East

CRTL Reply: Thank you so much Chloe! And John Archibold, what an honor to hear from you! We remember your important cameo appearance in the Focus on the Strategy documentary explaining how to turn around the failure of Christian political strategy. May God bless you! To everyone else, if you can help subsidize the cost of this ad, please just click on

Pro:”I read your ad in The Washington Times. I’m so proud of you all. God Bless you for speaking the truth!” Adina H. from back East

Pro: Via Facebook: “Thank you, Colorado RTL, for this timely ad.” -Missionary Cal Zastrow