Colorado’s March for Abolition: Jan 20, 2018

Colorado’s March for Life becomes the March For Abolition

The nation’s first RTL organization, Colorado Right To Life, is embarrassed that it’s been more than a half-century since our founding, and unborn children are still being slaughtered in our communities. Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion opinion Roe v. Wade, we’ve been counting up, seemingly forever, to what this year in other states is the 44th annual March for Life. Not counting abortifacients like the so-called Morning After Pill, during this time more than 60 million children have been killed in surgical abortions. We commit ourselves to becoming focused, not on “Celebrating Life”, which abortionists themselves find ways of doing, but on actually abolishing abortion.

Denver Post reports on the March for Life repositioned as the March for AbolitionWhen: Sat. Jan. 20, 2018 at 10 a.m.
Where: In front of Planned Parenthood at 38th & Pontiac
What: CRTL’s March for Abolition

Abolish Human Abortion Activist: Jonathan Sutherland, with AHA, is coming to Denver to speak at CRTL’s March for Abolition. We are gathering on the frontlines, at Colorado’s largest abortion mill at 10 a.m. Please plan to be there to greet Jonathan and to hear what, we pray, God wants us to hear about our duty to obey Him and to love our preborn neighbors. During our event, tragically, pregnant mothers will be entering Planned Parenthood to have the abortionist kill their unborn child. Please come asking God for the wisdom to know how best to effectively and peacefully, of course, intervene!

Denver Post Reports on Repositioning: Post writer Danika Worthington’s piece, “Denver’s March for Life becomes March for Abolition as organizers join growing movement to recenter goals” reports that the CRTL “Organizers moved march from Capitol to Stapleton neighborhood’s Planned Parenthood”. Worthington wrote, “Colorado Right to Life shifts the focus of its annual March for Life to March for Abolition… joining a growing movement across the nation to put the focus on ending abortion rather than celebrating life. ‘The goal is actually to abolish abortion, end abortion, not just to celebrate life,’ group spokesman Bob Enyart said. ‘When that’s the goal, when your focus is brought back to the goal, you can better evaluate your progress.'”

The Truth May Hurt: One family who has long fought against abortion walked out of CRTL’s march last year. Why? They were upset by the message. But after a board member asked them to watch our political strategy documentary, Focus on the Strategy, here is their reply:

Dear Colorado RTL,
What have we done?
Praise God for the faithful like you!
That video made a profound impact on me.

What effect will it have on you? Here it is:


And like last year, we’re again taking the fight to the frontlines at Denver’s Planned Parenthood abortion mill. See last year’s event: