Colorado’s Death Culture Voted for the Suicide Proposition 106

Post-Election Update and Condemnation of the “No” Campaign: Sixty-five percent of Colorado voters openly side with the death culture and now will bear the guilt for each innocent person intentionally killed. This new “law”, being in violation of God’s law and contradicting His enduring command, “Do not kill the innocent”, has no actual authority. Though it will be implemented by the wicked, Proposition 106 is, in reality, no law at all. Our CRTL spokesmen appeared at a number of election forums warning voters about euthanasia. We can report to you that the “No on 106” campaign was itself an immoral and godless effort. The only objections to 106 made by the so-called “No” campaign were mere technicalities. The “No” campaign amounted to nothing other than the offering of suggestions for how to improve proposed euthanasia legislation. This agnostic and “amoral” strategy has always been a predictable failure in the efforts to fight both abortion and euthanasia. Please see for example at our sister organization’s site,  

From the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow on Colorado’s deadly Proposition 106:


Pro-life groups in Colorado are rushing to educate voters on the issue of euthanasia because they will soon be heading to the ballot box to decide whether to legitimize the controversial practice often euphemized as “mercy killing.” In most states – when the electorate is fully informed on the issue – they vote down doctor-assisted suicide, but Christians already have their source of accurate information.

Colorado Right To Life spokesman Bob Enyart appeals to Scripture to shine light on the matter and quotes Exodus 23:7, which states, “Do not kill the innocent.” He went on to mention that God also warned through the prophet Ezekiel, “Do not profane Me by killing people who should not die [the innocent] and keeping people alive who should not live [the guilty].”

CRTL says that many progressives pay little heed to these biblical warnings.

“So it’s not surprising that virtually all the secular groups that oppose the death penalty – which would execute the guilty – those same groups also advocate killing the innocent … whether the unborn child or the infirm,” the pro-life advocate asserts. “Liberals generally, in fact, support protecting the guilty and killing the innocent.”

Proposition 106 “Safeguards” Already Ignored: Colorado has already euthanized a young handicapped boy when Denver’s Children’s Hospital supported the plan to starve to death young Dylan Walborn. It is not immoral to let an irreversibly dying person die; it is immoral to kill an innocent person who is not dying. Dylan was not dying. See Yet the spokesmen of the death culture employ Orwellian newspeak to deny that he was euthanized, merely because they do not recognize the method used to kill Dylan, starvation, as euthanasia. Dylan was euthanized. And (not that it would matter, but) without his consent. His horrific slow murder stands as a warning to those deceived into trusting the “safeguards” of Proposition 106. When it comes to the intentional killing of the innocent, there are no safeguards. As documented by the Denver Post through their stupor, little Dylan was judged better off dead by Denver’s Children’s Hospital, Porter Hospice, a Denver social worker, and his public school teacher, so he was starved to death over a period of twenty-four days. Perhaps more would understand the truth of what they did to Dylan if they would have used a gun.

The One News Now article continued: 

Colorado Right To Life contends that when the stigma of suicide is removed – such as flying into the World Trade Center – then more people include suicide as one of their options.

“[Many now see suicide as a moral choice] and that includes teenagers, weak minded people, murder-suicide criminals, those who attempt suicide-by-cop, and even Kamikazes – and today, Islamic suicide bombers,” Enyart continued. “Suicide is inherently destabilizing and it’s promoted by those who don’t know right from wrong.”

The conservative spokesman argued against Colorado’s proposed euthanasia law in a panel discussion at Denver University that included former Governor Dick Lamm. The much-debated issue will be resolved by voters on the November ballot.

Germany’s Loving 1941 Euthanasia Film I Accuse: Of course for the terminally ill, it’s not wrong to die, but it is wrong to kill someone. But there are those who fail to learn from history. The more wicked someone is, the more compassionate they make euthanasia appear. For example, one of the most beautifully crafted pro-suicide movies ever produced was the award-winning film, I Accuse. A physician husband tried in every way to help his ailing wife recover from multiple sclerosis, but when another doctor estimated that she had two months left to live, her husband lovingly helped his wife, Hanna Heyt, kill herself. That film, I Accuse, premiered in Berlin and Rome, was praised by the axis powers, and was released during WWII. It was produced by the NAZIs, commissioned by the infamous (yet apparently compassionate and loving) Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, and proposed by Adolf Hitler’s personal physician Karl Brandt. Some of the cast and crew of that film later were tried at Nuremberg for Crimes Against Humanity for their part in the Nazi euthanasia program which killed tens of thousands of Germans.

Maggie Karner — Vote No on Colorado’s Proposition 106 State Assisted Suicide: Speaking of killing the innocent, from a video that has half-a-million views, see what Maggie Karner’s video Letter to Brittany Maynard has to say about Colorado’s suicide proposition.

Hear CRTL being interviewed on the deadly Proposition 106 by the American Family Association as archived from Denver radio at and see the report at onenewsnow. Also, Colorado Right To Life’s board members, officials, and spokesmen, work as a labor of love and serve with no financial compensation whatsoever. They even travel to abortion abolition/right-to-life conferences at their own expense. So please know that if you donate to CRTL, your funds go into the fight to stop the killing of the innocent.

In Memory of Dylan Walborn and Germany’s Many Euthanized Children: And still speaking of killing the innocent, and of those doomed to repeat what they have failed to learn from history, our dear friend Ray made this YouTube video that’s up to five million views: