Top Republican Candidates Support Killing Unborn Children

CRTL on Trump, Pence, and Glenn: Not suprisingly, while Colorado Right To Life has criticized Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn for being double-minded regarding the dismembering of unborn children (of all things to be double-minded about!) not surprisingly, National Right To Life, the organization that opposes laws and candidates attempting to uphold the unborn child’s right to life, has endorsed him.

Consider then from the Durango Herald’s Peter Marcus in their Sunday edition:

all-top-republican-candidates-are-pro-choiceDurango, Sept. 4, 2016: Colorado Right to Life’s concerns with [U.S. Senate Republican candidate Darryl] Glenn revolve around a statement he made on abortion that, “As a person who has two adult daughters, I put myself in that situation. … And at some point in time, maybe they might have to make that decision. But that is a personal decision that they have to make between them and … God.” [CRTL: Of course, that is Barack Obama’s position too. Yet:] Glenn has described himself as an “unapologetic Christian pro-life” candidate.

Bob Enyart, spokesman for Colorado Right to Life, said every top-ticket candidate “will continue to intentionally kill unborn children by their policies,” including Trump.

Enyart called Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, a “political opportunist who passes meaningless regulations of child killing to advance his political career.” [See this documented at]

“So while many pro-life leaders and groups love being lied to, and go back over and over again to be treated like political harlots, at Colorado Right To Life, we don’t support those who advocate killing children, especially if they claim to be Christian, conservative, Republican, or pro-life,” Enyart added.

Shocking Stand: CRTL is grateful for the Durango Herald and everyone who has helped us to get this vital message out to Colorado voters. While some find this shocking, believe it or not, Colorado Right To Life opposes every person who advocates for the intentional killing of innocent people.

October 2016 Glenn Update: If Darryl Glenn was willing to support exceptions to anti-lynching laws, CRTL would oppose him. Thus as of his October statement to Colorado Public Radio about which children Glenn would consent to killing, CRTL continues to warn voters about this child killer. Because moral corruption leads even to mathematical confusion, Glenn said, “I am 100 percent pro-life… however, [I] support legal exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother.” To find out more about Donald Trump and Mike Pence, please visit our sister website CRTL has provided much of the research for many of those incontrovertibly documented profiles. For those wondering how influential these profiles are, just Google: trump pro-life. You should see that Google ranks our profile the #1 webpage out of many thousands of related sites.



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