At Clinic Shooting Personhood Supporter On Scene Saving Lives

* August 2016 NYT/LAT/Reuters MEDIA UPDATE: CRTL predicts that even with the latest NY Times inquiry about candidates Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence being in Colorado Springs, just as occured when the media called initially about the clinic shootings, and then again when the abortion mill reopened, the media’s negligence will continue on their failure to report on the petition signature (see just below) of the heroic officer killed at Planned Parenthood. Journalists from the New York Times (Jack Healy, Noah Remnick), the Los Angeles Times (Denver-based freelancer for the Times David Kelly), and Reuters (Keith Coffman), have called Colorado RTL asking about the Colorado Springs abortion clinic shooting. We offered to show each of them the information below, the signature of the police officer who was killed there at Planned Parenthood while trying to save lives, who had signed our pro-life personhood petition. Each media outlet in turn has refused to report on the astounding fact that the hero who died on scene, Officer Garrett Swasey, was involved, along with his wife Rachel and their church, in our personhood efforts to protect every child by love and by law. Consider…

* It’s What You Do: If you’re a personhood supporter you try to save lives at abortion clinics. It’s what you do. A personhood supporter, officer Garrett Swasey, was there on scene during the Planned Parenthood clinic shootings on Friday, November 27th. This anti-abortionist intervened in an attempt to save lives. This is exactly what personhood supporters do. The government and the media want to tie the murderer to the pro-life community. Instead, we have actual evidence, actually, proof, that a hero who was there, on scene, who was trying to stop the murder, was in fact part of the personhood movement!

* It’s What They Do: If you’re a godless reporter, you blame massacres on those trying to save lives. It’s what you do. Yet if a Planned Parenthood abortionist were to rip a limb off of a living fetal pig, your typical “pro-choicer” would fly into a rage. But the media celebrates Planned Parenthood dismembering the tiniest boys and girls.

* Officer Garrett Swasey Personhood Supporter: Officer Swasey not only signed our personhood petition (see immediately below) but he also attended a pastors’ briefing that CRTL and Personhood Colorado helped organize in 2014. And as a leader in his church, Hope Chapel, Garrett made sure that the congregation there had the opportunity to sign our petitions which enabled pro-lifers, election after election, to get our personhood amendment on Colorado’s statewide ballot.

Please donate via directly to the Officer Garrett Swasey Memorial Fund.

DENVER, Nov. 28, 2015 — “Colorado Right To Life abhors the clinic shooter for the same reason that we abhor Planned Parenthood: they are both murderers,” said Susan Sutherland, the group’s vice president. “As a mass murderer, Planned Parenthood is just as guilty as this criminal. The media, however, is wrong to put the death toll at three, for they are underreporting the number of people killed yesterday at this particular Planned Parenthood facility.”

If Violence Follows Warnings: “If a pot-smoking mentally-ill murderer killed a Muslim,” said Darrell Birkey, CRTL’s research director, “that doesn’t mean that the media should stop exposing the brutality of Islamic terror. A thousand Imams have supported Al Qaeda and ISIS, whereas no pro-life leader supports killing abortionists.” Birkey continued, “Surveys indicate that tens of millions Muslims support violent extremism, while the entire pro-life movement with a single voice condemns the vigilante killing even of the abortionist himself. Barack Obama’s hypocrisy, and the media’s hypocrisy, is overt, refusing to acknowledge that huge swaths of Islam support beheading unbelievers, while using guilt by no-association to condemn Christian pro-lifers, and it’s ‘no-association’, because the pro-life movement has no association with the Colorado Springs murderer.”

Nov. 30 Update from World Magazine: Bob Enyart, a spokesman for Colorado Right to Life (CRTL), said his organization has received pushback since Friday’s shooting by those who mistakenly associate violence against abortionists with the pro-life community. Enyart said CRTL does not condone Dear’s actions: “He’s our enemy. He kills innocent people. That’s what we oppose.”

CRTL has gathered more than 500,000 signatures from pro-life Colorado residents for its personhood ballot efforts, and Dear is not in the group’s database, Enyart said.

Dec. 1 Update from Denver’s KLZ Radio: Hear Bob Enyart interviewed about the clinic shootings on Wake Up with Steve Curtis on AM 560 KLZ!

Please see also The following material is from that ARTL page:

Endorsement: “Dear American RTL, I just read your Abortion Vigilante Worksheet. I am a pro-life professor of ethics. I plan to use this in class. It is the best thing on this subject I have ever read. I just want to thank you profusely for devising it.”
-Dr. Ronda Chervin

Lethal force in a park to save a child is just.
Here’s why it is wrong against an abortionist.

Colorado RTL contrasts the eight people unjustly killed since 1993 by known anti-abortion vigilantes with the eighty women killed by pro-abortion violence for refusing to abort their own children. Those murdered moms are invisible to the media.

[When a journalist advocates a “right” to dismember an unborn child (an act that would put an animal rights activist into a rage if done to a preborn cow), that kind of psychological dysfunction helps explain why the pro-killing media ignores all those mothers who were brutally killed. For, who cares: certainly no one in the media. The silence is for the good of Planned Parenthood. No? The following table appears later in this ARTL article and presents the casualties of U.S. abortion vigilantes.]

Anti-Abortion Violence

Perpetrator Date City Victims Death or Injury Their Title or Role
Scott Roeder 5/31/09 Wichita, KS George Tiller Death Abortionist
Paul J. Hill 7/29/04 Pensacola, FL John Bayard Britton Death Abortionist
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ James H. Barrett Death Bodyguard, clinic ‘escort’
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ June Barrett Shot twice Clinic ‘escort’
James Kopp 10/23/98 Amherst, NY Barnett Slepian Death Abortionist
Eric Robert Rudolph 1/29/98 Birmingham, AL Robert Sanderson Death Security guard, off-duty cop
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Emily Lyons Critically injured Clinic nurse
John Salvi 12/30/94 Brookline, MA Shannon Lowney Death Clinic receptionist
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Leanne Nichols Death Clinic receptionist
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Anjana Agrawal Shot twice, bullet by heart Clinic ‘counselor’
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Antonio Hernandez Collapsed lung, more Accompanied wife to clinic
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Brian Murray Bullet tore up insides Accompanied friend to clinic
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Jane Sauer Shot twice Clinic bookkeeper
     ”   “    ”   “      ”   “ Richard J. Seron Shot arm, shoulder, hand Security guard
Rachelle Shannon 8/19/93 Wichita, KS George Tiller Shot in both arms Abortionist
Michael Griffin 3/10/93  Pensacola, FL  David Gunn  Death  Abortionist

These eight deaths contrast to the pro-abortion violence reported by Life Dynamics’s Mark Crutcher who documents:
– 80 women killed for refusing to abort their children
– the hundreds of women actually sexually assaulted by abortion “doctors” inside abortion clinics.
And then, since 1966 (when even prior to Roe v. Wade, Mississippi became the first of the 19 states to decriminalize child killing) there have been the tens of millions of children killed by abortionists.



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Remnick, Noah <>
Date: Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 1:25 PM
Subject: From NYT

I am a reporter for the New York Times working on a story for today about Colorado being a battleground state, and how Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence are both campaigning in the state today. We are curious to know which candidate you support and why, particularly since neither candidate has a long term commitment to the right to life movement. Have the recent events surrounding the Trump campaign — the ongoing tension over the Khan family, the lack of Trump support for Paul Ryan and John McCain, to name two — given anyone pause about who to support>

Again, I am on a tight deadline and would so appreciate a timely response from your organization. [CRTL spoke to Remnick promptly and also immediately emailed to him the follow-up information he asked for.] I can be reached through this email, or by phone: 917-880-1xxx.

Noah Remnick