CRTL Taking Personhood to the Western Conservative Summit

Colorado RTL will be at the Western Conservative Summit where former CRTL March for Life speaker Star Parker, and many others, will address the event. Please pray for us to reach many conservatives with what some pro-lifers still consider a controversial approach: to advocate for the right to life of the unborn child. And please click to donate to CRTL to help fund our aggressive battle for victory!

If you’ve yet to sign the Personhood petition, please stop by the Colorado Personhood Coalition table at the 2012 summit! And better yet, with a few days left until our July 9th turn-in deadline, you can pick up a blank petition and get a dozen signatures yourself to help us get on the statewide ballot to legally protect the baby in the womb at every stage of development!

Please also see this week’s Newsweek’s article on the phenomenal growth of the Personhood movement in four short years! NARAL considers Personhood a threat so become an abolitionist and end the shedding of innocent blood in Colorado and America!