CRTL 2009 Fall Update

PERSONHOOD: So much has happened in the few weeks just since our banquet! For just one example, we said that legislators in the state of Michigan were about to join the Personhood Movement. Now, on Oct. 14th, a Democrat-led joint resolution was introduced proposing an amendment to the state constitution by adding section 28 to article […]

Campaign Advisory Board

Colorado’s 2010 Personhood Amendment 62 Campaign is honored to have the benefit of this three-member advisory board… Dr. Alan Keyes, former ambassador Ed Hanks, former speechwriter for the Governor of Colorado Cal Zastrow, co-founder of Personhood USA

Personhood Effort Lauches in Nevada

“A longtime conservative activist announced Wednesday he is launching a petition drive to overturn the state’s abortion rights law and prevent government from trying to end the lives of elderly people. Richard Ziser said his proposed Personhood Constitutional Amendment is designed to ensure that no human being is deprived of “life, liberty or property” from […]

Lawmaker Wants to Amend Michigan Constitution to Outlaw Abortion

State Rep. Jim Slezak, D-Davison Twp., has authored a proposed state constitutional amendment that would essentially outlaw abortion in Michigan. The amendment would say every person has a right to life, and would define “person” as a human being whose life begins at conception. A resolution in support of the amendment was introduced by Slezak […]

Personhood law’s petitioning starts in Montana

“Anti-abortion activists launched a petition drive in Billings on Friday to give legal rights to fertilized embryos. The personhood amendment would change Montana’s definition to include fertilized embryos, which would be protected against destruction in all cases. Amendment sponsor Montana Prolife Coalition has until next June 18 to gather the 48,673 signatures necessary to put […]

California Pro-Lifers Launch Personhood Petition Campaign

California has joined the race to recognize human rightsand personhood for all human beings from the biologicalbeginning of development.”The preborn, while demonstrably alive and demonstrablyhuman, are not protected ‘persons’ under our state constitution,” said Lila Rose, the 21-year-old studentpro-life activist, president of Live Action and cosponsorof the amendment. “Our laws must protect each person’basic human […]

Missouri Group Launches Campaign for Personhood Rights of Pre-Born Babies

By Keith Mason Missouri is the latest state to launch a drive for a personhood amendment. The campaign in Missouri is headed by Dr. Gregory Thompson of Personhood Missouri. Missouri joins Florida, Montana, Colorado, and Mississippi, which started a personhood drive earlier in 2009.   “What we’re attempting to do is to put forth an initiative […]

Say What? A Personhood Primer

By Judie Brown Recently, a pro-life gentleman asked this question about the language of American Life League’s Federal Human Personhood Amendment (FHPA) and the 2010 Colorado Personhood Amendment (CPA): I am wondering greatly at the wording of the personhood initiative[s]. Why these words “…from the beginning of their biological development” [FHPA], or “…[from the] beginning of […]

Florida Pro-Life Group Announces Personhood Amendment Campaign

Personhood Florida (PF), a Christian non-partisan organization founded to protect the personhood of the unborn, held a press conference today where they announced the submission of the amendment, which they hope to put to voters on the 2010 ballot according to LifeSiteNews.com The amendment would extend the definition of ‘person’ to every human being “from […]

Health care’s hot topic: funding for abortions

Just when Coloradans thought health-reform talk couldn’t get any more heated, long-running arguments over abortion funding threaten to take the health debate into the thermonuclear according to The Denver Post. “The health care thing is raising awareness like nothing I’ve ever seen. It has a life of its own,” said Leslie Hanks of Colorado Right […]