Month: June 2012

Before Personhood, CRTL Withheld the Truth about John Roberts

Headline from the 2005 Press Release Suppressed by CRTL:Colorado Right To Life Calls on Pro-Life Leaders to Drop Support for Roberts’ Nomination [2012 Update: The release below was published in 2005 by current CRTL leaders but sadly, through other outlets. At the time it was written, CRTL vetoed this press release. Fast-forward seven years. Now […]

CRTL Taking Personhood to the Western Conservative Summit

Colorado RTL will be at the Western Conservative Summit where former CRTL March for Life speaker Star Parker, and many others, will address the event. Please pray for us to reach many conservatives with what some pro-lifers still consider a controversial approach: to advocate for the right to life of the unborn child. And please […]