Sign PEPSI boycott petition: for using fetus cells in flavor research

Boycott PepsiWe’ve told you about Pepsi using fetal cells in their taste-testing research. Now you can sign a petition to boycott Pepsi products for using human fetal tissue in flavor testing their products.

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Pepsi abortion flavor drink research

Coke u0026amp; Campbell’s Do Right: Pepsi Digs In: Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Florida’s Children of God for Life, in exposing another abortion horror, has convinced Campbell’s Soups to immediately end their taste testing research using aborted baby cells. Coca Cola, though never contacting Vinnedge, also ended their relationship with Senomyx, the biotech company conducting the flavor-enhancing research using an aborted baby’s kidney cells to produce “human taste receptors”. When new drink ingredients are put in contact with these cells, researchers note whether or not the cells produce certain protein reactions. (The same research can be done ethically using adult stem cells and in other ways.)

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