Rejecting the Supreme Court’s Opinion on Homosexual Marriage

We reject the court’s immoral and perverse opinion on homosexual marriage. The creator Jesus Christ said that God made us “male and female at the beginning of creation” and God instituted marriage between a man and a woman. All governing officials at every level of government should reject and ignore any and every attempt, whether legislative, by popular vote, or judicial, to redefine marriage. Likewise, all governing officials should reject Roe v. Wade and any and all other attempts to repeal God’s enduring command, Thou shall not murder.

“We just want to be left alone.” Right. “In the public square, Christianity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive. One or the other will be in the closet”, says Colorado Right To Life. A homosexual replied: “No really, we just want to be left alone. Oh yeah, and you better bake us a cake. Or else. Or a pizza pie. And cookies. And send us flowers. And you better give me a haircut while I’m waiting. And take some photos. Or else. And forget your heterosexual student clubs and dating services, and as for your teachings on morality, we’ve decided to ban them. Oh yeah, and did we tell you? You’re going to print us some t-shirts and then host our wedding! Yup. Even on your church property. And we want a parade, and you’re going to provide security too.” And please note, as exposed by the Duggar crisis, contrast the media’s visceral hatred of Christian families to their decades long tolerance of actual homosexual pedophiles.

If you would like links to all the immoral legislation and unjust lawsuits indicated by the above paragraph, or documentation of the media’s tolerance and even support for pedophila in the homosexual community, please contact us and we will email you the information.

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