Public Leaflet Distribution

Distribution of Political Material

The distribution of political material is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Thus, a person may freely distribute political flyers on public sidewalks and streets as long as traffic is not disrupted.

In addition, political flyers may be distributed on private property as long as that private property has been opened to the general public for its use. Thus, leafleting may take place in shopping center parking lots and sidewalks, when this property is open for public use.

Some churches have opened their property to public use, particularly their parking lots. In that circumstance, leafleting normally is allowable. It is not necessary to get permission from the church leaders to do so and such permission should generally not be sought since it would be very reluctantly given.

If, for some reason, church leaders refuse access to church parking lots, leafleting still may be conducted on the public sidewalks surrounding the church.

July 1990

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