Pro-life Pioneer Mary Rita Urbish Passed Away

Denver, February 19, 2014 — Mary Rita, you were open to the leading of the Lord! We hope only to follow in your footsteps.

Mary Rita was a founding board member of America’s very first “right to life” organization. After years of public activism and preliminary work, and before the national group formed and even before the Roe v Wade opinion was issued, Mary Rita Urbish joined others to incorporate Colorado Right To Life. See the original 1970 CRTL articles of incorporation with Mary Rita’s signature affixed.

“In the 1990s, back when many of the current pro-life leaders were just getting started, Mary Rita Urbish had already fought for decades to protect the innocent,” said Bob Enyart, a Colorado Right To Life spokesman. “Mary Rita taught me and many others that if we are ever to win this desperate fight, the victory will only come from standing on principle. ‘We must never support any law that consents to the killing of a single innocent child’, MR taught us.”

We love you Mary Rita! May the Lord comfort you as you have comforted so many.

The Colorado Right To Life Board

Biff Gore
Susan Sutherland
Rosalinda Lozana
Bob Enyart
Darrell Birkey
Dee Waite


Information regarding Mary Rita’s memorial service is here.