Personhood Amendment Launches 2010 Petition Drive

Denver, CO — August 25, 2009: Today’s press conference will launch the 2010 Personhood Amendment petition drive with a request to re-activate a thousand volunteer petitioners from 2008!

The Colorado Secretary Of State title board has given the unanimous go ahead for the new Personhood effort to begin gathering the 76,047 signatures required to place the amendment on the November 2010 ballot.

At the press conference at a post office, the campaign will build upon last year’s effort, reactivating by the 1,000 circulators that gathered the 131,000 signatures in 2008 by mailing them 2010 petitions.

The petition drive will launch by addressing head-on the hard cases of rape and incest. Our campaign spokesperson, Sherri Williams, herself a victim of rape will speak at the press conference along with our leaders of the Colorado’s historic 2008 personhood ballot initiative.

What: Press Conference to activate over 1,000 volunteers
When: Tuesday August 25 10:30-11:00
Where: US Post Office 225 S Broadway Denver, Colorado

“We are pleased that once again the Colorado Secretary Of State has seen through objections of Planned Parenthood and has enabled the personhood campaign to move forward,” said initiative co-sponsor Gualberto Garcia Jones J.D. with Personhood Colorado.

“As we continue to press forward, we are seeing incremental advances for the personhood rights of the preborn,” said Leslie Hanks, initiative co-sponsor with Colorado RTL.

For questions please call:
Personhood Colorado 303-456-2800
Colorado Right To Life 303-753-9394 and!

[Correction: Initially, we thought we could be the first totally volunteer campaign. To our knowledge, the previous initiatives with the highest percent of volunteer support were the Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Tabor ballot initiatives. When the author of the Tabor amendment advised our Personhood campaign that a petition drive could not be successful without paid circulators, we wrongly interpreted his remarks to imply that the Tabor effort itself had paid for circulators, something CRTL’s 2010 Personhood Amendment effort is determined to avoid. So we thank Douglas Bruce for his defense of both children and taxpayers, and we correct the record and acknowledge that Tabor was also a volunteer effort.]