Other Issues

Policy on “Other Issues”

Colorado Right to Life Committee is a "single-issue" organization, opposing the deliberate killing or dehumanization of innocent human beings. At the time of CRLC's founding, this included opposition to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and involuntary sterilization. More recently, it has also included opposition to such practices as embryonic stem cell research and cloning.

CRLC does not take a position on other issues, although individuals in CRLC often are involved on one side or another of other issues.

Similarly, speakers at CRLC events are invited based on agreement with CRLC's fundamental issue, and may at times express their opinions on other issues that are outside CRLC's purview. Such statements do not imply CRLC's endorsement of these opinions or positions, nor does silence on other issues imply either agreement or disagreement.

Adopted by the CRLC Board of Directors, March 11, 2006

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