Operation Rescue/Civil Disobedience


In recent years, many dedicated pro-life citizens have engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience at or near abortion chambers.  This nonviolent activity has served to save some babies, to galvanize many people into concern for the babies, and to focus public attention on the issue of abortion.

Colorado Right to Life Committee is a non-profit organization whose long-range goal is the adoption of an all-inclusive Human Life Amendment to protect all innocent human life from the moment of fertilization until the time of natural death.  It works to achieve its goal primarily through educational and legislative activity.  It is not affiliated with Operation Rescue, nor does it engage in similar activity under any other name.

All CRLC members are free as individuals to choose to participate or not participate in rescue efforts.

Adopted by the CRLC Board of Directors
February 11, 1989

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