Light on Life Banquet

The Banquet was a Great Success!

Thank you, each and every one of you, who packed the house, and made our annual CRTL banquet a huge success! All were encouraged to recommit themselves to promoting God's enduring command, Do not murder! Our emcee, CRTL director Joe Riccobono, reported on our events and accomplishments since last year's banquet! He started at the present, and then began to work backward through the year…

2006 – 2007 Accomplishments

Yesterday, Sept. 21, 2007, thousands went to the dedication of the Columbine Memorial, and the publicity that Brian's Rohrbough's inscription received created lines of people, waiting to read his memory of his son Dan. The Rocky Mountain News had devoted a full page to his words and they identified Brian as the president of CRTL. Here’s part of the inscription now engraved on stone, that start’s with Dan’s question:

"Dad, I have a question." Why?
My son, in a Nation that legalized the killing of innocent children in the womb;
in a County where authorities would lie and cover up what they knew and what they did;
in a Godless school system your life was taken . . .

Dan I'm sorry.

A Denver TV reporter watched people reading those words, and noticed no negative responses; but thoughtfulness, tears, contemplation, and more tears, as people learn the deep connection between godlessness, abortion and our violent culture.

That was yesterday.

On this past Friday, Dr. Alan Keyes has agreed to join CRTL in becoming a signer of our Open Letter to Dr. Dobson! This letter exposes the brutally-wicked partial-birth abortion ruling as the bad fruit of the right-to-life movement's immoral strategy of regulating child-killing! (Please pray for Dr. James Dobson, that the added weight of Dr. Alan Keyes as a signer will move Dr. Dobson to recognize the truth in our many open letter full-page newspaper ads.)

This past Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune ran a page-one article on abortion, and because we are on the front lines in the abortion war, the Tribune mentioned CRTL in their lead paragraph, mentioning our efforts to oppose Planned Parenthood's attempt to build America's largest abortion clinic in Denver. By Sept. 1st, we had reservations from 20 out-of-state pro-life leaders who are coming to Colorado, to join with CRTL in a major new national personhood effort; leaders coming to Denver in November for a historic pro-life leaders summit.  On Aug. 16, Judge Roy Moore joined CRTL condemning the Supreme Court's brutally-wicked partial-birth abortion ruling!  On Aug. 1, CRTL released the groundbreaking DVD, called Focus on the Strategy II, that leaders nationwide are raving about, and our video has been accepted as a semi-finalist in the Documentary category in an upcoming independent film festival!

Included in our accomplishments, on June 14, Colorado RTL was kicked out of National RTL! Of course, for 25 years, they have kicked out statewide pro-life groups and county chapters for infractions like supporting personhood amendments and for not endorsing pro-choice candidates! So CRTL is in good company! June 15th – 17th, we met hostility with hospitality, and hosted our Hospitality Suite on the 40th floor of the Kansas City Hyatt, at the National RTL convention, convincing many pro-life leaders of the need to refocus the anti-abortion strategy, and many long-time heroes of the movement joined up with us and are now coming to our CRTL leadership summit in November. So far this list hasn't even covered three months, but we're going to skip most of the year and just hit a few more highlights.

On June 11, we published a full page ad in Human Events, we wrote the ad, but it was paid for by the Association of ProLife Physicians in Ohio, because they’ve notice the winds of change in Colorado bringing the hope of victory to so many pro-lifers. (Our ad, an abbreviated version of our Open Letter to Dr. Dobson, exposed the brutally-wicked partial-birth abortion ruling!)


On June 7, CRTL released the acclaimed two-hour DVD, Forty Years in the Wilderness, featuring speakers including Judie Brown of American Life League and Alan Keyes, who is right now running for president of the United States.

CRTL has published full page ads in major newspapers around the country, from Colorado to Washington DC, from Nebraska to Mississippi and Birmingham, calling pro-lifers to refocus their efforts; and our ads have been paid for by other ministries because of their excitement about the principles we are promoting nationwide. 

On April 25
, CRTL hosted a historic commemoration in the Supreme Court Chambers of our State Capitol, and this event moved dozens of leaders from around the country to work with CRTL to up the intensity of the war against abortion, and to stop prunning the abortion weed! National RTL (whom CRTL opposes) has a 25-year strategy of regulating child killing. NRTL has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to pass laws to get women to be thoughtful before deciding to kill their children, and to regulate the way abortionists can kill children. This misguided strategy has destroyed the belief in personhood among an entire generation of our own conservative "pro-life judges." Regulating child killing makes abortion look more humane and reasonable to politicians and voters. Thus, American children may face the risk of being killed by the millions throughout additional decades, as NRTL and the pro-life industry has been pruning the abortion weed, and strengthening its root.

On Jan. 20 at our March for Life, we published our 40 Years / 50 Million Dead, 1 Commitment pledge, to never compromise on God's enduring command, Do not murder. Our pledge has been endorsed by leaders around the country.

There have been too many TV, radio, and print interviews to mention all of them. Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily helped us underwrite the publication of our 40 Years pledge in their Whistleblower magazine! And Brian Rohrbough's public debates about strategy with leaders like the founder of and president of Wyoming RTL, kept the entire prolife movement talking about strategy. And it is not an exaggeration to say that the entire pro-life movement has been talking about strategy, recommitting itself to victory, as a result of the challenges put to it this year by CRTL!  

Nationally syndicated radio shows have interviewed us: VCY America’s Crosstalk, Janet Folger, and Stu Epperson, as have Colorado shows like KHOW's Caplis & Silverman.

Our print interviews have run in hundreds of papers including original stories in the Washington Post and the LA Times. 

Our TV interviews, locally, nationally, and internationally, have aired on CNN, and on Europe’s version of Good Morning America braodcast out of London, and here in America, on Fox News' the O'Reilly Factor, and the most influential pro-life TV show in the nation, Mark Crutcher’s LifeTalk, and our first TV appearance after last year's banquet, on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. (Watch Brian Rohrbough's appearance on CBS that shook millions of viewers,
touching over 10 million viewers, from when the program first aired, and then in transcripts, and reruns, and airings on other networks.) CBS indicated that Brian's appearance was one of their most talked-about segments of the year!


And finally, CRTL has reason to be exicted about a major theatrical release, Ben Stein's upcoming film, Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed! As this movie goes into its final stage of post-production, please pray that it will be a powerful voice helping us teach the public that human beings are created in God's image, and therefore, have a God-given right to life!


That's our 2006-2007 annual report! Please help us continue battling to stop the killing of unborn children!