Human Life Amendment


WHEREAS, The Almighty Creator is the indispensable source and sustainer of all human life created in His image and likeness;

WHEREAS, In fact Right to Life takes its name from the phrase in the Declaration of Independence, which states that life is the first God-given right;

WHEREAS, Each human being is infinitely precious and valuable in the sight of the Creator without exception;

WHEREAS, The sacred Scriptures plainly reveal and teach that unborn human life shares in the solicitous and providential care of the Creator and that such care is not limited to those who have been born;

WHEREAS, It is a necessary and legitimate function of law in a civilized society to provide legal protection undergirding the right to life of each human being, born and unborn, irrespective of origin or condition; and

WHEREAS, Any sanction in law permitting the termination of an innocent human life, for whatever reason, is a derogation from the principle of sanctity of life; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the COLORADO RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE unreservedly commits itself, its members and supporters, to work for the adoption of any Human Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which will provide that no human being, born or unborn, irrespective of origin or condition, without exception, will be deprived of life by any person, natural, artificial or governmental, without due process of law.

Adopted by the CRLC Board of Directors,1973

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