Don’t Miss Maafa 21 Documentary Saturday Night at Midnight on TV 53

This Saturday see the historic airing of Maafa 21 on Denver’s TV 53, sponsored by Colorado Right To Life.
After slavery ended, liberals devised a way of reducing the number of black people.
Watch the powerful documentary Maafa 21 to see how the eugenics movement targets blacks with sterilization, birth control and abortion, which today is the leading cause of death for African Americans.

Watch Maafa 21 this Saturday, March 27 at midnight on Denver’s TV 53 or on Comcast channel 53. Maafa will shock you.

For more information press 1 or call 303-753-9394. So Watch live, or record this historical airing of Maafa 21. Press 1 for more info, and watch Maafa Saturday night at midnight on TV 53!