‘Cure’ to be cured?

Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher plans to ask the Colorado General Assembly to eliminate the statute governing “cures” for citizen-initiated petitions in the 2011 session.

But Leslie Hanks of Colorado Right to Life, one of the groups that worked on the petitions, was incensed by the commission’s inference that the Amendment 62 campaign may have submitted duplicate signatures or attempted to exploit a loophole in the system.

“While the Secretary of State wastes time on process, children are being dismembered in abortion clinics,” Hanks said in a statement Friday. “At the same time however, we’ve passed on to our volunteers the backhanded compliment from the Secretary’s Best Practices Commission that our petitioners made history getting tens of thousands of signatures in record time. This is typical of the elite to try to stop the redress of grievances, but the truth will win out.” Hanks also pointed out that one member of the commission — Kevin Paul — is the general counsel for Planned Parenthood. “Of course we expect bias,” Hanks said. Colorado Statesman 9/12/2010