CRTL on 9News Exposing Cruelty of Embryonic Research

On Denver's NBC News affiliate, 9News, Colorado RTL urges everyone to protect the tiniest kids from lethal research

9News Excerpts: Congresswoman Diana DeGette opposed the federal funding restrictions of embryonic stem cell research put in place by President George W. Bush. Neither Obama's nor Bush's plan sits well with Colorado Right to Life.

"Tragically, Barack Obama is giving us more of the same. Bush funded embryonic research. Obama is funding it more," said Colorado Right to Life spokesperson Bob Enyart. [CRTL] thinks research using adult stem cells can be far more beneficial, without destroying embryos. "Killing unborn children, regardless of any argument over how good it may be, is wrong," he said. "We need to love these kids." Enyart says his organization is now supporting the concept of "personhood," which defines an embryo as a human life. He believes that argument could go a long way in preventing embryos from being used in stem cell research.

CRTL Note: Of course, the relative benefits of adult vs. embryonic stell cells are irrelevant. Robbing a bank might produce more funds for a church than donations, but it is disobedient to God. So too with lethal research on the tiniest boys and girls. Even if the goal were to save the whole world from disease, disobeying God and killing a child is wrong. Never do evil that good may come of it!