CRTL Answers Denver Post’s Ed Quillen

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In his arguments against the unborn child and Amendment 62, the Denver Post’s Ed Quillen wonders how a fetus might go to court, claims every home miscarriage would be investigated, and that an embryo couldn’t possibly possess property. Since the right to life comes not from the government nor the delivery doctor, but from our Creator, it exists at the moment of our creation, and as a result, all arguments against the unborn child must be false and therefore, weak.

Enter Ed Quillen who asks how an embryo might “go to court to advance a denial-of-due process claim,” but then, an infant has a similar challenge, yet Ed knows that baby is a person. By fear mongering, he claims government would take action against countless women who miscarry, yet history demonstrates the truth. When the nation recognized abortion as illegal, the authorities never arrested a single doctor or woman for a miscarriage. And as for an unborn child possessing property, corporeal personal property including bodily parts and the three-billion base pairs of one’s DNA, are already being harvested from the tiniest boys and girls with utter disregard for their humanity and rights.

Abortion is wrong because it’s a person, and because it’s always wrong to intentionally kill an innocent person, please vote yes on Amendment 62!

Letter to the Denver Post

Human development is an uninterrupted continuum

Re: “Colorado’s zygote zealots,” Aug. 8 Ed Quillen column.

Ed Quillen states his opposition to the proposed Amendment 62, illustrating difficulties that may be encountered when this refined definition of personhood is applied to Colorado state law. There will indeed be challenges. But does this imply that we should ignore biological facts and moral principles in order to accommodate existing legal statutes? I suggest the reverse is the case.

As an obstetrician/gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist, I can assure Mr. Quillen that human development — from the embryo to the fetus, infant, child and adult stages — is an uninterrupted continuum; a human being is always present. We do not value human beings based upon functional capacity, but upon the intrinsic properties which make us human. Consequently, all human beings in a liberal democracy should be treated with the respect due a person, with full rights and dignity.

Sam Alexander, M.D., Castle Rock

This letter was published in the Aug. 15 edition.