Colorado March for Life 2012

Update: Colorado’s 2012 March for Life was an important event as we build toward a personhood victory in Colorado! Hundreds of pro-lifers encouraged one another an greatly appreciated speakers Kevin Swanson, Pastor Ron Fox, Guabe Garcia Jones, Mike Adams, Jo Scott, Doug McBurney, and Pastor Michael Walker. See also the Denver Post report: March for Life backers gather at the Capitol.

Join us!
Saturday, January 21, 2012
Colorado State Capitol
12:00 noon


Mike Adams

Mike Adams – Main Speaker Columnist

Please March with us
Saturday at Noon

To launch Round Three
of the 2012 Colorado
Right To Life amendment!

Please come
and bring a friend!

This is one of the more
important things you can
do all year toward protecting
unborn children!


Come to the Colorado RTL March for Life at the Capitol Sat. Jan. 21 at noon!

FIVE of the TOP SIX Iowa Caucus candidates signed the Personhood Pledge!

Come to the March!

The Personhood Pledge signers received 75% of the total vote!

Come to the March!

A Personhood Pledger Won the Iowa Caucus!

Come to the March!

The pro-abortion People for the American Way just wrote: “It is remarkable to realize how, in just a few years… the “personhood” movement has gone from a fringe effort that had no support to a central part of the Republican presidential primary.”

Come to the March!

As expected only Romney didn’t sign the pledge for he has done more harm than Hillary and Obama
by personally instituting homosexual marriage and full-blown “government health-care reform”
with tax-funded abortion on demand. See

Come to the March!

 If you don’t want to be tricked by political hacks and a deceptive media
into helping to destroy the innocent, the family and the nation, then…

Come to the March!

Hear the compelling Townhall columnist Mike Adams!

Come to the March…

to help us Launch Round Three with the 2012 Colorado Right To Life Amendment!

You are needed! You are invited!
Please come to the Colorado RTL 2012 March for Life
on the west steps of the Capitol in Denver on Saturday, January 21st at noon!

“Life beginning at conception is not a belief, it is not an article of faith,
it is an article of fact. It’s a biological fact…”
-Rick Santorum promoting personhood without exception before the Iowa vote!

Without a vision the people perish. Colorado Right To Life has the vision of victory! After a 30-year diversion, the pro-life movement is now advocating enforcement of the God-given right to life of every child! Bring a friend, join us, and be blessed!

Personhood Marches On and Is Now Leading the Sanctity of Life Debate!
Please Donate to Colorado Right To Life to protect unborn children!