Candidate Questionnaire

Here are questions you may want to ask candidates for public office. Colorado Right to Life and Citizens for Responsible Government have used these or similar questions in the past. We generally ask these questions of all candidates, of any party, who are listed by the Colorado Secretary of State for federal or statewide elective office.


  • Would you support legislation that would prohibit abortion, exempting those emergency procedures necessary to prevent the death of the mother?
  • Would you support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to restore full protection to preborn human beings?
  • Would you oppose all federal tax funding of abortion?
  • Would you oppose the funding of abortion through federal health insurance programs?
  • Would you oppose the federal funding of any agency which provides or promotes abortion, either nationally or internationally?
  • Would you oppose late-term, partial-birth abortions of viable, preborn babies?
  • Would you oppose legislation establishing school-based clinics which counsel, provide, or refer for abortions?
  • Would you support legislation to require that parents/guardians be notified of pending abortion surgery on a minor daughter?
  • Would you oppose the use of tissue from aborted babies for medical research/transplantation?
  • Would you oppose the legalization of physician-assisted suicide?
  • Would you support legislation that prohibits federal government involvement in promotion of physician-assisted suicide?
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