Biological Technology

Policy on Biological Technology

The Declaration of Independence sets forth the basic principle upon which this Nation and the Right to Life Movement were established, which is that "all men (human beings) are created equal" with regard to their natural and unalienable right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", and therefore they are entitled to equal protection under the law. Colorado Right to Life opposes the use of any technology in ways that are not consistent with this principle of equal protection.

Colorado Right to Life is opposed to the deliberate killing of innocent human beings, whether those human beings are produced through normal sexual intercourse or with the help of advanced technology.

We oppose all human experimentation not done for the benefit of the subject, except with the informed consent of the subject.

Further, we oppose any practice when it serves to devalue human beings or to treat them as mere commodities.

Adopted by the CRL Board of Directors
April 14, 2001

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