Month: February 2016

Establishment Pro-life Groups Opposing Personhood

News Update: Check out the principled The Least Safe Space article at The Harvard Law Record, March 2016. Don’t trust Eagle Forum and the establishment “pro-life” groups. Please oppose the anti-personhood resolution of Eagle Forum Colorado. By distributing that resolution, Jim and Jayne Schindler have now openly linked their organization to the establishment “pro-life” forces […]

Bring this Resolution from CRTL to Your 2016 Caucus March 1st

First find the location of your neighborhood caucus meeting and attend it on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. Then, when the chairman ask if anyone has a resolution to offer, simply provide him with this printout of the resolution below, and you can read the single sentence to the group yourself if you’d […]

Support Personhood in 2016!

  Some establishment pro-life groups are trying to get rid of the Personhood movement.  They say the Personhood strategy has failed and therefore should be abandoned.  Ironically, they suggest we go back to the same incremental “chip away” strategy that’s been failing for 40 years. The fact is, public opinion has been split on abortion […]