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Some establishment pro-life groups are trying to get rid of the Personhood movement.  They say the Personhood strategy has failed and therefore should be abandoned.  Ironically, they suggest we go back to the same incremental “chip away” strategy that’s been failing for 40 years.

The fact is, public opinion has been split on abortion 50/50 for that whole 40 year period, plus or minus a point.  Yet Personhood has been driving a shift in public opinion here in Colorado toward a 100% BAN ON ABORTION!

2010 Amendment 62 YES votes
: 509,062 (29%)

2014 Amendment 67 YES votes: 702,544 (35%)

In 2014, 200,000 MORE Coloradans voted to end abortion than just 4 years before!  That’s despite being outspent 1300 to 1 and the GOP nominee for US Senate chickened out and come out against Personhood!  No other strategy has the power to change public opinion at that rate.  Certainly not the “chip away” strategy that’s been failing for 40 years.

  • Since 1967 Gallup Polls show a consistent 48-52% opposition to abortion. That’s not changing… except in Colorado, where an increasing number of voters want to end all abortion

  • Supposedly, incremental regulations have reduced the number of abortions in states where they’ve been tried.  But they’re counting only surgical abortions, whereas chemical abortions (using abortion pills) are killing millions of already-conceived human children every year.

  • By definition, Personhood protects the “human person” — Personhood doesn’t ban birth control.  Personhood laws can’t affect anything that doesn’t kill a human child.  Personhood says killing a human being is murder, no matter what tool is used.  Some forms of birth control will kill a developing human child. Every other form of birth control is NOT AFFECTED!

  • Anti-slavery activist William Wilberforce is often cited as having used incremental regulations to end slavery, but that’s not how it happened!  In 1818 he realized even though he’d banned the slave trade, the British public was still pro-slavery.  Why?  He realized he’d cleaned up the industry, and the public figured a “well regulated” slave industry was painless and ethical.  Wilberforce embraced the Personhood strategy, and banned slavery in the British Empire in 1833, having taught the British public that Black people are human beings with rights.

  • Regulations that “draw the line,” saying abortion can happen here, but not there, fail to teach the humanity of the unborn child.  Instead, the public learns to see the unborn as a dehumanized commodity (as owned property), and “the abortion debate” as merely a squabble between advocates of two extremes.  Personhood, instead, teaches the public about the humanity of the unborn child — it’s a human rights crusade!  If the population speaks, it doesn’t matter what courts say.

The “Substantial Obstacle” Test: In both 1992 (PP vs. Casey) and 2007 (Gonzalez v. Carhart) the US Supreme Court  indicated any law which poses a “substantial obstacle” to “the abortion right” would be considered unconstitutional.  In other words, any pro-life law that’s effective, they’ve already said it’s unconstitutional!!!

The only way around that is…

The Blackmun Loophole: In the text of Roe v. Wade, Justice Blackmun concluded: “(If the) suggestion of personhood [of the preborn] is established, the [abortion rights] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.”  Over and over, in the written and verbal discussions of Roe v Wade, Supreme Court justices identified Personhood as the trigger that invokes 14th Amendment protection. Society has shown a willingness to accept “human being = person” and the courts may also, especially  if the public does.

Do the Math
: Personhood will save more babies over time, while “chip away” can’t save many at all.  In Colorado Personhood has already gone from 27% to 35% of voters saying “End all abortion now!” So it’s not unreasonable to believe Personhood could succeed in abolishing abortion within 10-15 years.

  • If regulations save 12,000 babies a year for 20 years that’s 240,000 babies saved over 20 years.

  • If regulations save 100,000 babies a year for 20 years that’s 2 million babies saved over 20 years.

  • If Personhood takes 10 years to pass, but protects 100% of babies from legal abortion, that’s 10-20 million babies saved over 20 years!

Personhood will save more babies than regulations in the long term. But pro-lifers are busy spending millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours pushing ineffective “chip away” regulations instead of Personhood!

-Colorado Right To Life

p.s. Not convinced yet? See another way of viewing this!

Dear friend of the innocent, please help CRTL continue to fight to win protection for each unborn child! Helping to run the coalition for the statewide personhood effort costs money, and the whole process itself is a tremendous education that reaches hundreds of thousands of people with a plea for the life of the innocent. So, to save a baby, to save a voter, and to save our state, please give toward our crucial campaign right now!

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Another Way of Viewing this…

Establishment Pro-life Groups Opposing Personhood

Don’t trust Eagle Forum and the establishment “pro-life” groups. Please oppose the anti-personhood resolution of Eagle Forum Colorado. By distributing that resolution, Jim and Jayne Schindler have now openly linked their organization to the establishment “pro-life” forces of Focus on the Family, Catholic Bishops, and National Right to Life, all of whom for many years have subverted human life/personhood efforts.

The “pro-life” industry has long been part of the establishment. The betrayal, motivated by power, influence, and money, goes deeper than many realize. If it is hard to believe that these establishment pro-life groups would play politics with human life amendments, please consider these sobering examples:

– In October “pro-life” Republican Paul Ryan said abortionists shouldn’t get one red cent but then fully funded Planned Parenthood
– The “pro-life” establishment ignores the fact that G. W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood a billion dollars more than did Bill Clinton
– This establishment ignores the fact that a Republican majority passed Roe v. Wade, which was written by Republican Blackmun
– The “pro-life” establishment always ignored that George H. W. Bush is the one who began “Family Planning” Title X funding
– Establishment “pro-life” groups support pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-marriage, anti-religious liberties politicians.
– They supported Romney who attacked religious liberties by ordering pro-life hospitals to dispense abortion pills
– The establishment supported Romney who created RomneyCare which openly fund abortion from day one
– They supported the father of homosexual marriage after Romney ordered county clerks to issue homosexual marriage licenses
– They supported Romney after he horrifically ordered Catholic adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals
– They supported Romney who put Planned Parenthood permanently on the state health board to provide $50 co-pay abortions
– And as Romney’s own “exceptions” amount to tens of thousands killed, they support candidates with death tolls in the millions.

Even Eagle Forum’s founder, Phyllis Schlafly, has described a lifelong radical pro-abort and recent candidate as America’s “last hope” even though he has praised the pro-abortion federal judge Maryanne Barry who upheld even partial-birth abortion as being “phenomenal” and “one of the best” of possible U.S. Supreme Court nominees.

So please challenge the establishment! Reject Eagle Forum’s resolution that sinfully states that the Colorado “Republican Party not divert its efforts… by expending resources in support of the ‘Personhood Amendment'”. The “pro-life” establishment wants a return to the same compromised incremental strategy that’s been failing for 40 years. That moral compromise has left us without a single federal judge who acknowledges the child’s right to life. That moral relativism wants us only to regulate child killing. Like, “Wait 24 hours and then you can kill the baby.” “Sign a form to provide informed consent and then you can kill the baby.” Etc.

At the statewide ballot box, the percentage of voters with the courage to acknowledge the Personhood on the innocent child has grown from 27%, to 29%, to 35%. Personhood is driving a shift in public opinion here in Colorado toward protecting every child by love and by law. So please don’t oppose, but instead, stand with the acknowledgement of each child’s God-given right to life!

May God bless your efforts!

– Colorado Right To Life