Month: November 2014

Longmont’s second non-abortion fetal homicide

Attorney Kevin Paul coldly stated that,“Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains would oppose anyFetal Homicide measure, no matter how it might be written.” by Leslie HanksSpokespersonColorado RTL Denver, 3-24-15 – Recently Michelle Wilkins, a young mom, anxiously awaiting the birth of her daughter was brutally attacked by a ruthless killer. Dynel Catrece Lane lured Michelle with a Craigslist […]

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008 to 2014!

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008, to 2010, to 2014! The YES vote on Personhood grew to narrow our loss from a 27%, 3-to-1 defeat in 2008 (Amendment 48), to a 29% defeat in 2010 (Amendment 62), to now 35% voting YES on the pro-life Brady personhood Amendment 67. So we’ve narrowed the loss from 3-to-1 […]