Personhood Vote Grows from 2008 to 2014!

Personhood Vote Grows from 2008, to 2010, to 2014! The YES vote on Personhood grew to narrow our loss from a 27%, 3-to-1 defeat in 2008 (Amendment 48), to a 29% defeat in 2010 (Amendment 62), to now 35% voting YES on the pro-life Brady personhood Amendment 67. So we’ve narrowed the loss from 3-to-1 to better than 2-to-1. That encourages us!

Join Us: in praying for the wisdom and resources to build on this increase the Lord has given us. Another way of looking at our growth from 2008 to 2010 is that we saw a ten percent increase in those who voted Yes and then a twenty percent increase from 2010 to 2014! (And even the smaller 27 percent who voted to ban all abortion in 2008 actually doubled the 10 to 15 percent maximum that National RTL has long claimed would vote to abolish all abortion.) Please pray with us and work with us now so that we can reach even more people so that together we will protect every child by love and by law.

So, This Is What “The Beginning” Looks Like:

Colorado's 2014 Personhood Amendment 67 won outright six counties!With it’s 702,544 votes out of 1,999,843 cast, the Brady Personhood Amendment 67 won six counties outright! So, as it turns out, this map is what the beginning looks like!
From Biff Gore and the whole team at Colorado RTL, we give a heartfelt thank you to:
– Heather Surovik, Brady’s mom
– our partner Personhood USA
– our campaign director Susan Sutherland
– our supporters, volunteers, and prayer warriors
– the hundreds of churches that honored God by not remaining silent
– And we most want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Creator, and Risen Savior!

Colorado RTL needs YOU to be a wise and effective protector of the innocent! So please if you can, sign up for the Right To Life Education program at ARTL and get a 40-year pro-life education in only 40 days!

Amendment 67 Continues the Long Road to Victory
by Gaining Percentage Points Over 2008 and 2010.

Children still scheduled to be killed in Colorado tomorrow

Colorado’s Personhood Amendment, the Brady Amendment 67, showed a gain over the 2008 and 2010 attempts.

The opposition to Amendment 67 was funded primarily by billion dollar abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood’s No on 67 campaign used outright lies to scare women, including that Amendment 67 would “criminalize women and their doctors.”

Planned Parenthood has been fighting against the recognition of the unborn to protect their profit, we are fighting for Personhood to protect innocent lives. We look at this gain over 2008 and 2010 as a victory – despite terrible adversity, and outrageous lies against the unborn child, we still gained in the polls, and babies’ lived were saved. Each of those lives saved is priceless!

Out of several dozen pro-life initiatives, only Colorado’s Personhood amendment has been tried three times! In only a few years the Personhood movement has exploded nationwide, saving babies and changing hearts and minds through education and outreach, even while a continual effort is made to Constitutionally recognize the Personhood rights of every innocent human being, state by state.

From 1890 to 1918, women in South Dakota attempted many times to gain the right to vote. Their constitutional amendments failed to pass six times before they succeeded. Movements take time to build, but that persistence in the initiative process pays out huge dividends.

The truth of the baby’s God-given right to life is growing in Colorado. We will not stop trying to protect every innocent human being in the state of Colorado.

Matthew 25:45 says, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’ As Keith Mason, founder of Personhood USA, said recently, “The ‘least of these’, the smallest and most defenseless among us, are the only human beings in our country who are considered to be non-persons – they are treated like property. When the personhood amendment returns to Colorado, we will continue to defend the innocent, fighting the lies of Planned Parenthood, who profits from the killing of innocent human beings.”