“Test Tube” Conception


COLORADO RIGHT TO LIFE COMMITTEE (CRLC) holds to the scientific fact that life begins with the fertilization of the human ovum by the human sperm. CRLC further believes that what is conceived is biologically human and created in the Image of God.

While CRLC sympathizes deeply with those women unable to conceive, the procedure currently called "test tube conception" presents many grave problems. Men working in this field have announced their intention to destroy any life so conceived that is not deemed satisfactory for implantation. The procedure also involves the possibility of causing fetal deformity. The potential for abuse is great–medically, ethically and morally.

Therefore, we call upon all who believe that life is a gift from God to examine this new procedure, weighing carefully its possible moral and spiritual consequences.

Adopted by the CRLC Board of Directors
August 12, 1978

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