Personhood Campaign Statement of Values

Colorado’s 2010 Personhood Amendment Campaign publicly commits to adhere to these principles:

  • To advocate enforcement of God’s enduring command, Do not murder (Luke 18:20), and to promote legal protection for innocent (Exodus 23:7) human life without regard to quality, race or age, whether born or unborn, from the beginning of the biological development of each person, regardless of the method of their reproduction, whether asexual or sexual, which includes from fertilization.
  • To promote the prohibition of abortion (Ex. 20:13; 21:22-23), infanticide, suicide, euthanasia (including by withholding of food and water, i.e., “artificial nourishment and hydration”), and abortifacients such as RU-486, or any chemical weapon, physical device or process that kills a living human person (including Plan B also called the Morning After Pill, or any birth control pill or intrauterine device that works to prevent implantation).
  • To never defend or advocate, regardless of the intention (Romans 3:8) any legislation, or any child-killing regulation that would govern the intentional killing of any innocent person; and never to advocate or defend any leadership, judicial ruling, law, or any government action (Acts 5:29) that endorses or authorizes the intentional killing of any innocent person (such as a handicapped person, a child of a mother who gives her consent, a child fathered by a criminal).