March with us in the Memorial Day Parade!

Come march with the Brady campaign!

UPDATE: Brady’s mom Heather and grandmother Terri carried the a huge banner to lead the way! We had about 50 people marching in campaign t-shirts, and we handed out thousands of Brady postcards to introduce the Brady Amendment 67 to the crowds lining the parade route! We also spoke to a number of politicians who were in attendance. Here’s a transcript of what one of our spokespeople said to former champion for life, Mike Coffeman:

Mike, the personhood movement has collected 400,000 signatures of registered Colorado pro-life voters. We’re not going away. Brady was a person. Each child is a person. But you have made money your most important issue. Taxes are not more important than standing for the God-given right to life of each innocent child. You’ve turned against the personhood of the innocent Mike. You’re on the wrong side of history.

ARCHIVED INVITATION: Greetings from the Brady Campaign,

We have great news: the Amendment 67 team has been invited to march in the Commerce City Memorial Day Parade on Monday!

You’re invited to come march in the parade with us. It’s only a mile, so it’s a great opportunity to get outside and help this campaign.

When: Monday, May 26th, 9:30-11 AM. 
Where: Staging Area at E. 64th Avenue & Pontiac
What: You! We’ll bring the t-shirts, signs, and postcards.

Just by showing up, you’ll get a t-shirt to march with in the parade. And if you want to keep it afterward, you can buy it for just $10!

This will be an amazingly simple and fun way to remember Brady, get out the important YES on 67 message, and honor those who have served this country in our nation’s armed forces.

If you can’t make it to Commerce City, look at the Voice For Brady calendar to see how you can help in your city this weekend and throughout the campaign!

For life,

Susan Sutherland
A Voice For Brady

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