Everyone’s Help Is Needed! “No Exceptions!”

Dear Friend of Colorado RTL,

“Even the fundraising letters from Colorado Right To Life educate us. I’ve been saving them and they’re like a training manual to win this terrible war against innocent children.” –Connie from Arvada

Thank you Connie for your encouragement and financial support. This current letter comes at a time when Colorado’s personhood movement has expanded to be operating now in all fifty states! Just in the last few days, a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma contacted us to ask how they can best promote the personhood bill introduced in their state legislature, and our allies in Iowa pulled a bill that would regulate the killing of unborn children and replaced it with a personhood bill. Praise God! Even Planned Parenthood has now acknowledged that just in the last few years, many viable candidates are opposing all abortions, with No Exceptions, not even for killing the child of a rapist. That’s progress, and we need your financial help now to continue to press on in the battle!

So now we’re urging you to help us to teach the pro-life and Christian masses to fight for the right to life of the unborn child and to oppose every politician and law that permits “exceptions” to God’s enduring command, Do not murder. Just like regulations, exceptions backfire for many practical and moral reasons. (You can find the following bullets online at our homepage by clicking “Oppose exceptions because…“)

  • Tissue, Tumors, & Exceptions: What do these terms have in common? Abortionists refer to the unborn children they kill as tissue and tumors. “Conservative” politicians refer to the babies they support killing as “exceptions.” And the “pro-life industry” never tries to correct, but actually defends, these mostly Republican politicians even though they advocate killing some innocent children.

  • Exception is a Euphemism: A euphemism is the use of an inoffensive term for something offensive, such as eliminate for murder. “Exception” is a euphemism for a child intentionally killed.

  • Exceptions Look Like Him: The little boy on the right was photographed in his mom’s womb. He’s just a little guy. But as Jesus said, “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these… you did it to Me.” For they are made in His image and likeness.

  • God Looks at the Exceptions: God didn’t care about all the fruit Eve did not eat; nor did He mention all the women David did not violate; nor list the children whom Herod did not kill. God looks at the exceptions.

  • Exceptions are a Window to the Soul: Many “pro-life” candidates with exceptions never really fight to end the slaughter of the unborn. George W. Bush, for example, kept his campaign promise to nominate pro-choice judges by filling the federal judiciary with judges like Samuel Alito, and he hurt unborn children by telling ABC News that he would not support South Dakota’s 2006 effort to end all abortion if it would not make an exception to kill some children. Later Bush still gave no public support even after South Dakota immorally added his “exceptions” to their 2008 bill.

  • Exceptions are What Started the Abortion Holocaust: In 1967 when states like Colorado were permitting abortion six years before Roe v. Wade, Republican governor John Love decriminalized abortion for exceptions including rape and incest.

  • Exceptions, Regardless of the Intention:
    – make killing unborn children seem more acceptable to the public and politicians, and
    – on the surface exceptions undermine the very concept of the right to life, and they
    – call upon our own judges to uphold the killing of some innocent kids, and thus they
    – turn conservative judges increasingly against the personhood of the unborn, and
    – trick pro-lifers into voting for “pro-choice” politicians who pretend to be pro-life, and
    – are just
    variations on Roe v. Wade
    which itself excepted some kids, and exceptions
    – support the killing of many millions of innocents as the next bullet shows, and they
    – reduce the God-given right to life to a second-tier negotiable matter, and they
    – confuse many on our side who defend some ‘exceptions’ as actually good, as they
    – violate God’s enduring command,
    Do not murder
    by re-authorizing abortion, so they
    – “do evil that good may come,” ignoring the scriptural warning at Romans 3:8, and
    – can never ever end the murder of unborn children because they
    – actually mean, “and then you can kill the baby.”

  • Exceptions Add Up To Millions of Dead Children: Abortion has been turned into a perpetual fundraiser by the pro-life industry and so there is a vested interest in groups such as National Right To Life to positively portray politicians even when, by those politicians’ own policies, they have approved of killing millions of children, boys and girls who were made in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). King David unjustly killed “only” one person, and it turned out that single person mattered a lot to God. The anti-personhood “pro-life industry” didn’t seem to care enough about politicians to warn them, as the New Testament says that, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31). Intentionally killing “only” one child is an eternally horrific crime. Politicians John McCain and George W. Bush exemplify “pro-life with exceptions.” The ExceptionsCalculator.com disproves the widespread belief that they oppose 99% of all abortions, for the number of children they have actually approved of killing is staggering:


“Pro-life” with Exceptions

Casualty Count (not including children killed by laws and court opinions opposed by these “exceptions” politicians)

John McCain:

Compromised presidential candidate who supported killing 15,469,147 children while in the Senate by his own policies and approval

George W. Bush:

Compromised politician who supported killing 3,340,600 children while president by his own policies and approval


  • Exceptions are Not About Numbers, but Obedience: Pro-life leaders never counted the cost when they relegated child murder to a second-tier negotiable issue. As Ambassador Alan Keyes has said about exceptions: “It’s the devil’s game – Satan would be happy to end all abortion if only he could get all of us to consent to killing one child.” God hates child sacrifice, and we must not be willing to agree to the killing of a single child, especially as a sacrifice for the presumed benefit of our nation. We have no right from God to agree to such an atrocity, and when we flagrantly do so, we undermine the nation’s understanding of who that child is, created in God’s image with a right to life.

  • See an Exception named Rebecca: speaking at our 2010 March for Life online.

  • Exceptions for Rape and Incest: The Bible teaches, “nor shall the children be put to death for their fathers.” Even the U.S. Constitution recognizes the inherent immorality of punishing a child for the crime of the father. For example, by the invalid legal doctrine of “corruption of blood,” the child of a man convicted of an egregious crime could not inherit from a paternal grandfather because the inheritance theoretically passed through the convicted father. So, consistent with the Scriptural prohibition of punishing a child for the crime of his father, Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution prohibits “corruption of blood” laws. But isn’t personhood a burden to the victims of rape and incest? Consider the horror of abortion for incest. Cruelly, the abortion clinic typically covers up the crime of incest by sending the victim back home to her rapist. Even worse, they often send her home with her rapist, the very criminal who impregnated her and then brought her to Planned Parenthood. Abortion for incest emboldens a criminal to rape his young relative; helps him escape being caught; tempts him to repeat his crime; and is not compassionate because it kills a baby and increases the women’s suffering. Personhood for the unborn helps people understand there are no hard cases when deciding to protect a baby. You don’t kill a baby because her father is a criminal.

  • Exception for Life: A Personhood amendment has no exceptions, so what if a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother? The doctor’s goal should be to save mom and the baby if possible. The goal should never be to kill the mother to save the baby, nor to kill the child to save the mother. In an ectopic pregnancy for example, we save mom and the baby tragically dies. But our goal should always be, if possible, to save the baby also. Society’s attempt to justify killing unborn children leads to absurdities like the exception for the life of the mother in the partial-birth abortion ban. In reality, if the mother’s life is threatened by her pregnancy, her doctor would deliver the baby as soon as possible, and never stop midway to kill the baby. The PBA ban itself has no authority to save a single child because the abortionist can simply use a variation of PBA or some other late-term technique. However, the very idea of delaying the saving of a mom in order to stop midway to kill the baby is such an obvious cruelty and deception that it exposes the hard-heartedness of those who argue for such exceptions. Abortion is always wrong, without exception, and should be abolished.

  • The Only Exceptions Supported by CRTL: We vote for pro-life candidates except for those who support killing even a single precious child.

Why We Need You To Help. Doing right is not always the most popular course of action. So we need help from you! Doing right, however, is the way to get God’s blessing on your efforts. Colorado Right To Life fights for the life of the innocent by promoting God’s enduring principles. And ultimately, that is pragmatic, because pragmatism is doing what works. And after decades of promoting exceptions and abortion regulations, thousands of pro-life activists are rising up under the banner of the God-given right to life and personhood of the unborn child!

So here’s what we need everyone to do. No Exceptions! Please if at all possible, pick from one of these two options. Can you give $100 dollars or an amount you can afford right now or can you pledge about $20 a month on a credit card?

You can mail a check or call CRTL at the contact info below or give online right now at ColoradoRTL.org and only if you need a tax deduction, indicate “Education Fund.”

For the Babies,

Leslie Hanks
Vice President, CRTL

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